Deputy chief editor of “New Land”, permanent expert of Izborsk club of Novorossia Alexander Dmitrievsky gave a comment to the website “Free press” (Moscow, Russia) about the attacks of neo-Bandera bonze Zoryan Shkiryak-Nepali, which is threatening to clean up the Donbass from Pro-Russian-minded citizens on the model of the Croatian operation “Storm”.

Kiev would return the uncontrolled territory of the Donbass, but the sweeps will be there too. On the eve of the air in “The 5th channel” was said by Advisor to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak.

“I can convince those, who today can’t hear, let them hear: we definitely liberate this area, but stripping will be. It is not necessary to doubt,” said Shkiryak, adding that “cleaning is law activity”.

Note that these bellicose statements from the mouth of the Kiev politicians are regularly heard and none of the speakers do not mind that such words are contrary to the Minsk agreements, under which stands the signature of the President of Ukraine. Different Kiev officials not only in their own way interpret the order of execution of the agreements, but did reject them, saying that control over the People’s Republics of the Donbass can be returned by force, often recalling operations “Lightning” and “Storm” in Serbian Krajina.

So at the beginning of June the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, former leader of the extremist organization “Right sector”* Dmitry Yarosh said that the Ukrainian authorities are ready to seize the territory of the DPR and the LPR. The other Deputy and well-known propagandist Dmitry Tymchuk expressed confidence that AFU could go to the Russian border for five or six days, if not the Minsk agreement.

The Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov went further in his statements and recently promised to end the war in Moscow. Previously all the same Turchynov, announcing the offensive in the Donbass, urged Security Forces to move into the Donbass “meter by meter” to the East, at the same time, “do not slip through the border” with Russia. In February, he made a statement that the Security Forces of Kiev are ready for a month of “clean up” of the territory of the Donbass.

Relatively bellicose statements were made and by the person, signing the “Minsk-2” — Petro Poroshenko, who in April called for the tank men to be ready to be advanced to the demarcation line, and at the end of May was happy to announced the sending of upgraded T-80 into the Donbass, which are should not be there under the Minsk agreements.

And defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has tried to portray himself, somewhat unexpectedly, the “dove of peace” that during a meeting in Berlin with German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen assured that Ukraine does not plan to return the breakaway Republics under their control by the military method.

— Zorian Shkiryak managed to establish himself as the holder of a long tongue, who loves to throw dust in the eyes, to work on the audience and nothing to do in reality, — said the Deputy chief editor of “New Land” ( Donetsk, the DPR), permanent expert of the Izborsk club of Novorossia Alexander Dmitrievsky.

— Suffice it to recall how he got his nickname “Shkiryak-Nepali” for the failed operation to evacuate Ukrainian citizens during the earthquake in the Himalayas and anecdotal saga of repairing the Il-76 in New Delhi on their own despite the fact that the service center for this model of aircraft at the airport of the Indian capital was a couple of kilometers from the Parking lot of the broken plane. So personally I have no faith speeches of this verbiage.

“FP”: — Shkiryak is not the first, who said that Kiev in the near future “returns” the Donbass. About it always is said by Yarosh, Turchinov, Tymchuk and even Poroshenko. Is the aim exclusively to support the discourse?
— The main task of all these loud phrases about the sweeps is to keep a good mien at bad game. When the country is in a catastrophic situation in all spheres of life, you can only by flow of promises to distract people from the discontent. You can, of course, do this and by repressions, but a whip without gingerbread is not too slick: the lack of a positive agenda will not add supporters.

“FP”: — Do you believe that the AFU will try to really launch a full-scale operation against the Donbass?
— In the situation in which the neo-Banderas are, the “little victorious war” would be a real salvation. However, a large and triumphant is also a rescue and is also present. Because of the problems encountered in the course of the war— always clear and need no further comment: in case of victory they can all be blamed on the enemy, ravaged the conquered territory. And in case of defeat — they also blamed on the enemy, with which they had to enter into an unequal and unwinnable battle.

Will neo-Bandera go to this step is so an open question: everyone knows that if it failed to defeat the Donbass in the summer of 2014, when Kiev had the overwhelming superiority over the militia, that in the summer of 2017, when the former the difference in the forces already there is no, the chances for success sharply decrease. The speech cannot go about any equivalent of the Croatian “Storm” in the current balance of forces not only on the frontline, but also in the international arena: all the great happens once, and nobody has been able to catch up of blitzkrieg.

“FP”: — Shkiryak and others like him do not fear that by the promises of the sweeps they finally rejected the people of the Donbass from the Ukraine?

— Let’s just say: Ukraine irrevocably alienated the population of the Donbass a couple of years ago. The only thing that Shkiryak and his associates can make by threats is to widen the already unbridgeable gap between Ukraine and the Donbass: it is not necessary a great mind to worsen the situation, but to achieve anything drastic, when the gates of the crematorium built salute the team is hardly possible.

“FP”: — Whether Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk to react to such statements, bring them to the attention of the world community? Or the dog barks — the caravan goes on?

— Of course, we need to respond to such statements. But we need to react correctly: attack of Shkiryak is another coin in the Treasury of the failure of Minsk agreements by Ukraine. But how to dispose the progress of the enemy

— here is a question for the diplomats…

— Shkiryak as his chief Avakov, always had a belligerent attitude, reminds the analyst Eduard Popov.

— The mood in Ukraine is as the militaristic swing, now it is just stage of recovery. On the wave of a seemingly foreign policy success before the elections to the German Bundestag, Ukraine is trying to push the position of Russia in Minsk. Periodic exacerbations at the front, probably is the other side of this political activity of the Kiev authorities: the reconnaissance, and the pressure on Russia via the Donbass.

That the Ukrainian deputies call the “hybrid war” and what have been said earlier by the NSDC Secretary Turchinov is a play, written for Ukraine by Western partners to put pressure on Russia. But at the same time, Ukraine increased confidence in their abilities, military power of “independent” compared with 2014 have increased. Therefore, we can see in the statements of the deputies not so far a political calculation (the Ukrainians never were masters of the difficult political game), which determines how much share of confidence in their own military superiority. Looking through the publication of the Ukrainian media, it is easy to verify this. A militant mood is quite striking. The Ukrainians have convinced themselves that they can at overnight to break armies of the DPR and the LPR and it needs only the political will.

“FP”: — In the spring the chief of Shkiryak Avakov said that the Ukrainian security forces should be ready for the “return” of the Donbass. However, according to him, the territory should be returned to the country diplomatically, not by force. In this light, how we can understand the words of Shkiriak? Also it is neither fish nor fowl? We will return it, but not say how?

— Avakov talked a lot and for the health and for the peace. You may recall that he spoke earlier about the inevitability of the return of the Donbass by force. Now the pendulum of sentiment in Ukraine and its quasi-political circles swung towards militarism. Avakov is not only the chief of the interior Ministry, but also he is one of the leaders of the ruling coalition of the “People’s front”, “sworn ally” of President Poroshenko. Therefore, his statements always have in mind the factor of public opinion. And it, again, is now configured on the war. Statement of Shkiryak, and even earlier of Turchynov about “hybrid war” is flirting with Nazi street and at the same time is criticism of the guarantor Poroshenko, signed the “treacherous” the Minsk agreement. Poroshenko on the 14th of June almost openly argued with Turchinov about the cancellation of “ATO”. All that was offered by Poroshenko is a political jelly. Projects and the rhetoric of the “People’s front” look much more attractive to supporters of the war.

“FP”: — In recent years, from Kiev politicians we often hear the statement about “the return of the Donbass” by force. Don’t they mind that there are the Minsk agreements, signed by the President of their country?

— The Minsk agreement — this is a problem of Poroshenko, signed them. In Ukraine, the principle of farm policy (my hut is on side) acts, a more balanced approach to the state nowhere to take at this artificially cobbled together country. In addition, the majority of Ukrainian politicians is in opposition, even members of the ruling coalition of the “People’s front”. They will give special pleasure to trip the “leader of the nation”.

“FP”: — How we can understand the words of Shkiriak about sweeps? Will they kill all disloyal? Will imprison them? Will throw them out of the country?

— The words of Shkiriak should be understood that way. Or even worse: they’ll kill possible all residents of the Donbass, as in the old Bandera tradition, the people bear collective responsibility for crimes. The crimes of the residents of the Donbass, in the eyes of the current Bandera, are that they live in the area, which came from the subordination of Kiev.

However, the attitude to the inhabitants of the Kiev-controlled Donbass is not much better. These words are not a figure of speech. Just two days ago I returned from the Donbass on the territory of the LPR. And everyone I spoke to in the Republic — from the officers of the army of the LPR to businessmen and ordinary citizens — believe that the return of Lugansk under control of Ukraine would mean cutting the population. Not only tens if not hundreds of thousands of people in the military and even the civil service of the Republic (military officials, even the staff of communal services), but also civilians will get under the knife. The militants of the Nazi battalions “Aydar” or “Tornado” for fun shot people. Now the cruelty is just beyond, because the Donbass fought back, and the ranks of the Ukrainian Nazis heavily thinned. The Nazis will take revenge on all indiscriminately, and the state of Ukraine will only encourage this revenge.

For Poroshenko and Co. worst case scenario is the return of the Donbass in the Ukraine. So they need to “clean up” the Donbass from the population. The coming war will be much worse than war of the 14th year. It is understood in the Donbass, therefore, with the all negative attitude to their own republics (especially in the LPR, which was unlucky with the Head of the Republic), but anyone is not going to give up. The words of Shkiriak are outright Nazism in its purest form. But the state of morality in Ukraine is that these words did not shock. On the contrary, Ukrainian politicians and millions of ordinary people are competing in more acts of cruelty against the Donbass.

“FP”: — Can we assume that one of these threats ever materialize — that is, the AFU will try to really launch a full-scale type operation of the Croatian “Storm”?

Since the signing of the “Minsk — 2” I believe that Ukraine one day will implement a new global offensive. It will force the domestic political setting (when pseudo oligarchic regime inevitable defeat at the front will be less frightening alternative to the Nazi “revolution of dignity”). Or it will be confidence in their military forces and aid from the West. How can we explain otherwise the mobilization going now and deployment of the entire military forces of the state of Ukraine to the borders of the Republics of the Donbass? And the whole rhetoric of the war and most of the political circles of Ukraine is also in the spirit of militarism and criticism of the Minsk agreements. I believe that war will happen this year. However, in the Republics not all share this view and do not expect the occurrence of at least in the near future.

Dmitry Rodionov

* In November, 2014, the Supreme Court declared as extremist the activity of “Ukrainian insurgent army”, the “Right sector”, UNA-UNSO, “Trident named after Stepan Bandera”. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.


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