Leonid Ivashov: The only friend of the Donbass is Russian people

The Secretary of National Security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov on Tuesday called on officially to stop the ATO in the Donbass, and find another format of “protection from hybrid war with Russia.” He reminded that by law the President can use military units of the AFU only in two cases: martial law and the anti-terrorist operation.


The current Ukrainian elite that usurped power in a coup, brings the country to a critical boiling point. And it can maintain its power, only explaining to people the causes of unemployment, a miserable social situation, the reasons that the economy is not working, that the sale of land and economic assets to foreign investors led. All can be explained by usurpers only from the point of view of the war — “trouble came from not waiting and we are not responsible for it.” Differently they simply wouldn’t survive. Bickering has already started within the so-called “elite”. And people are beginning to understand that all the talk of power only leads to the impoverishment and degradation of the whole Ukrainian statehood. So Maidan rulers constantly come up with something. Poroshenko has worked to strain relations with Russia, to frighten by aggression from the East, to frighten by the visa regime. The pastor in camouflage Turchinov is going the same way as everyone, who took their appropriate seats in 2014. After all, the most stubborn jumpers already tired of the ATO and that bodies of “liberators” constantly are carried from the Donbass and Lugansk. So now Kiev wants to raise the scale of the operation, to officially declare an enemy, leading a war against the Ukrainian state, but not only the Donbass and Lugansk that has become boring. Now “public servants” transfer format to declare war on Russia. But the war in its usual classic value cannot be declared us by them — no strength for this. So they are moving to the hybrid format of war. But war is war.


 As a suggestion of Turchynov might look like in practice? Of course, “heroes” will not go by hiking march to Moscow (although Turchynov has promised that) — there is nothing to walk to us. The opposition is strengthening, not only in the media field. For example, they will carry out cyber-attacks. They will introduce a visa regime, interrupt transport communication with Russia and will actually close the border. But, of course, the most dangerous thing that can go is a big war in Donetsk and Lugansk. Today Kiev is concentrating there groups there. Turchynov did not mention the Crimea, tells only about the “occupied territories of South-East”. It is clear: they tried to destabilize the Crimea by blockade, preparing all kinds of attacks — but failed. Most likely, in the future in the Crimea everything will be quietly. And Donetsk and Lugansk are under threat. What are “anti-terrorist operation” and “operation to liberate the territories”? It’s a big difference. Bandera are unable to scale to use aircraft and tanks in anti-terrorist operations. And if they declare war for the liberation of territories of the Donbass and Lugansk, they will be attacked in every way and just be gouged. And as Turchynov emphasizes this again: “Enough to wage a protracted anti-terrorist operation, we need to start a full-scale war”. It is because any armed conflict, especially the war if it lasts long, leads to the fact that the government loses its authority and even of its powers. The structure of the state fails to fulfill the instructions of the authorities. So Turchinov wants a big and, he thinks, victorious war. The war is really necessary Kiev “cavalry” to keep the power and to mute people. If they declare war — not anti-terrorist operation, just a war for the liberation of the territories, the war against Russia, then wartime regime will be introduced, and that means no meetings, strikes, strict censorship and so on. To this Turchynov pushes the Ukrainian Nazi leadership.


 It is clear that, in spite of strong of bloody Mr. pastor, all this can remain hot air if on the one hand, not be given the go-ahead from the West, and on the other hand, Russia once again will prove toothless. The West is losing interest in Ukraine. Europe and all over are tired of Ukraine: Poles, Czechs and Germans. And we should not expect a strong activation in supporting offensive actions of the Ukraine. And, I think, the complex approach by NATO will not be continued too. From the US, I think, the active support of the war also will not be because Trump is not up to Ukraine. Thus, in the standby mode will help with words and small money, to support politically — but no more. None of the Western countries will fight for Ukraine.

And Russia? We must understand that national interests are not dominant in Russia today, but the interests of big oligarchic corporations. And due to contracts have been signed at the St. Petersburg economic forum, that the privatization took place as if painless, Russia would not actively interfere. It can make allegations, to appeal to the Minsk agreements. It will be for Russia the worst option. So anything is possible. Because of the Russian government has made a concession to big business when recognized the Kiev Nazi regime and did not recognize the referendum in the Donbass and Lugansk. This was the first concession. And then we can find ourselves in limbo, and keep the LPR and the DPR. And what is our attitude to the citizens, who are fleeing from the Ukraine? Look: refugees from the Donbass hardly can obtain citizenship, refugee status and so on. They live on semi-legal status. This is all the nods, bows to the West: “We are not with it, our hands are clean.”


 It can be stated that during these three years, Ukrainians have strengthened the army, and the army is not scattered, as scattered in 2014. And now the Crimea would not have returned to Russia so easy. It must be borne in mind. And equipment in the AFU is updated. Military plants in Ukraine itself work, and we see that the West is supplying bad or poor, but modern weapons. And training of military forces is going professionally. Therefore, it is not necessary to underestimating of a potential enemy. But I am categorically against that we have to go to Kiev to liberate the Ukrainian people from Nazism. Ukrainian people themselves should mature to release and decide their own fate. But the fate of the Donbass, and, perhaps, then someone else, who will hold a referendum, need to be resolved in accordance with international conventions: the 1966 and 1970. There are international legal conventions that tell how to recognize independence in a referendum, to ensure the right of Nations to self-determination. Here Russia needs to show more determination. But again, we see that every step we take turns the restrictions imposed by oligarchic structures and officials, who have financial deposits in the West. Help of Russian in Ukraine limits their access to what they consider “fair” earned billions. In this we see the vacillation of the Russian authorities: Russia’s interests to protect, whether the interests of the oligarchy.


The words of Turchynov have sounded on the backdrop of another escalation in the Donbass. Many innocent people are killed. Yesterday OSCE observers refused to record the death of civilians. You need to perceive it as reality. I saw these groups of OSCE worked in Yugoslavia. They send scouts and those are interested in nothing except the execution of the job coordinates to remove and so on. Scout is working as a scout, and not as it is a representative of a humanitarian organization. For example, we handed General Clark, commander-in-chief of the combined armed forces of NATO in Europe, a map of Yugoslavia with applied training camps of militants, from secret arms depots, the so-called Kosovo liberation Army. He took it all with such joy, with gratitude! A month later I asked him: “What’s your reaction to the data that we provided to you? We have offered to conduct further exploration and to conduct joint operations to eliminate these militant training camps, arms depots and so forth.” To which he replied: “You know, NATO intelligence is so weak that it could not confirm these data.” So their duality and hypocrisy is manifest on all levels, from presidents and ending with the OSCE observers. They have a definite task, stated the opposite: create a legend (hide) the real situation, which is formed in places of conflict. Their task is not to objectively report what is there. They have a completely different task. They do not make decisions, but their command of NATO first and foremost. And till the policy towards Russia and Ukraine will not change, they will avoid objective reports.

Summing up the conversation, we get the following picture. About the Nazi regime in Kiev, all is clear. About their Moscow supporters — other not say — is clear, how about Europe with it, so to speak, “humanitarian” institutions. It turns out that the Donbass is in a triple environment. The only friend of the Donbass is the Russian people, representatives of which are the residents of the Donbass. In that case, what do we do?
We need to change the situation in Russia. The third article of the Constitution states that the bearer of sovereignty, the only source of power in the Russian Federation is its multinational people. But the people are not allowed close to power. We see in whose interests the deputies, the senators and the law enforcement system works. Something somewhere new, reasonable, nationally appears — immediately stops. Recently the Vice-Governor of the Kursk region Vasily Zubkov was arrested. He is distinguished General. He went through all the steps of military service, headed the regional emergency management — which was the best in Russia. Here he became Vice-Governor and Deputy Governor for security and began to restore a little order in the area. The command came from Moscow, at six in the morning he was handcuffed and they said, “In 2007 you illegally built garage cost of 400 thousand rubles.” That’s all. And now another will come in his place, but he will not do anything to restore order. Our comrades sit, headed by Kvachkov, who fought for national interests. System is the best hammer and caring to the people close and did not have access to power. It is therefore necessary to organize ours, to influence, to put pressure on the government to put forward to it — that to change it well.

Source: Izborsky Club


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