Despite the U.S. funding Kiev failed to implement anything

As it became known the RT, the government of the United States Agency for international development (USAID) reported to Washington about the difficulties of the Ukrainian reforms, which the United States and the European Union allocate budget money for.

According to USAID, despite generous funding from Western countries, Kiev failed to implement a number of innovations aimed at combating corruption, and the reforms are not popular among Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian government currently implements 18 reforms under the control of the United States Agency for international development (USAID). Last year alone, the organization spent on projects in Kiev, $24.8 million.

However, as recent monitoring by USAID shows, since 2014, Ukrainian authorities have failed to implement reforms that would help the country to tackle corruption. This is stated in a new report of government agencies which was seen by the RT.

At low level

Anti-corruption strategy, in Kiev, was launched in 2014. According to research by USAID, reform of anti-corruption is one of the few about which Ukrainians know and interested (53%). However, despite the high percentage of public interest, the specific changes in the country were not occurred.

“Partly due to the fact that the level of personal participation of citizens in these conversions remains low,” the document says.

США заявили о проблемах реализации реформ на Украине
RIA Novosti

Until now, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine “continues to suffer from corruption,” the report notes.
“Successful implementation has been hindered by several facts, including the lack of professionalism in new employees of the police and the absence of any changes in the system of the Ministry of internal Affairs,” the USAID document says.

The level of public confidence in the judiciary has declined to a critical level of 5-10%.
“This is lower than the level of public trust in government, Parliament and any other public institutions that highlight the urgent need for reform of the judicial system,” the document says.

No one heard

Electoral reform, according to research by USAID, also may not be realized.
“High probability that a major transformation is planned for 2017, namely the introduction of a proportional electoral system in the parliamentary elections, will not be implemented,” explain the authors of monitoring.

США заявили о проблемах реализации реформ на Украине

Thus, according to the report, the difficulties to implement a series of other reforms not directly related to corruption persist due to the fact that people don’t know about them and not show interest in them.
So, only 6% of the population knows about innovations in the field of public procurement, which was supposed to happen in a country. On constitutional reform in Kiev, which also support and supervise USAID, is known only by 13.8% of the population.

The United States Agency for international development and the government of Ukraine did not provide comments on the details of the resolution of the existing problems of the reform in Ukraine.

Reform for gadgets

Meanwhile, USAID is still hope for change in the Ukrainian establishment: the organization decided to promote innovations through social networks, TV and radio.

Well-known bloggers and journalists will be attracted to the campaign, which will lobby for reform through viral videos and jokes gadgets.

Besides, the campaign will use images of the Soviet cartoon “the Cossacks” — the cartoon characters will become “ambassadors” of propaganda campaigns, they are planned to be printed on pens and notepads, to publish them in social networks.

США заявили о проблемах реализации реформ на Украине
RIA Novosti

The financial issue

It is noteworthy that both the United States and the European Union spend significant sums on Ukrainian reforms. Earlier in interview to Agency the Interfax-Ukraine the Head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky said that the EU annually allocates to Kiev €200 million on “reform of decentralization, public service and assistance to the Ukrainian business to enter the European markets, as well as to combat corruption and the management of public resources”.

One of the projects of the European Union, provided the grant to Ukraine of €3.5 million, is aimed at reforming public financial management at the local and regional levels. And in March of this year, the United States Agency for international development has allocated $23 million for the “transformation of the financial sector”.
However, the USAID report notes that problems in the financial sector of the Ukrainian economy were not coped and failed. The document states that the country’s banking system, particularly credit, is focused on the officials, Industrialists and the “clients with relationships”.

США заявили о проблемах реализации реформ на Украине
RIA Novosti

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainians themselves do not see the solution of corruption problems in the country. According to the latest report of Transparency International on corruption, the vast majority of respondents, namely 86% of Ukrainians negatively assessed the activities of the country’s leadership to combat corruption.


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