How in the United States show Russia

Your attention is material by YIA “Novorossia” where there is a speech about how Russia is shown on the American television. The opinion was expressed by Professor Anatoly Klyosov, who has lived for thirty years in the USA.

“The term “demonization of Serbia” has appeared just before the invasion of NATO troops and the bombing. In light of the Syrian war, probably it makes sense to talk about “demonizing of Russia”. It would be interesting to know how American society reacts to anti-Russian propaganda and has anything changed under the new President – Donald Trump.”

Anatoly Klyosov. Unfortunately, Russia is seen badly now on American television. I mean that in the ‘ 90s and early 2000-ies everything was decent, the countries were considered as “friends”. But after 2014, and the Ukrainian events, much has changed.

In general, it is worth noting that it’s not only about Americans. For example, I write quite a lot about Jews (a very fertile topic: the Bible, the Torah, the genealogy of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and Arabs. Because of this I always had access to Jewish sites and forums; moreover, I have a gold medal and a diploma in Hebrew “For a major contribution to the study of the history of the Jewish people”. But, as soon as the Crimea once again becomes Russian territory, the inhabitants of these sites as the chain broke. The 80-90 % of users began to emerge in the discussions Russo phobic themes. I remember one with the nickname “Old Jew from Odessa”, he alone remained on the Pro-Russian side, but he literally is “pecked” by others. Since I stopped going to sites with similar content.

When people come as tourists and live in the US for long, they see different America, which is far from the real one. Those who, like me, came for an internship for a period of more than a year know the US superficially, despite a good command of the language. One of the years I’m flying to America, have replaced more than 80 aircraft and was absolutely sure knows this country. And I began to notice that I never saw before, only after 15-20 years of residence. For example, before I was watching cruising news programs of CNN, and now have moved on, in my opinion, more truthful Fox. Two days ago on CNN are constantly showing a movie about convulsing from poison gas children, accompanied by audio and text material that says that Assad is killing children and Russian support him, and therefore bear full responsibility for that suffering. And the voice, and subtitles at the same time is a known psychology, which psychological trick, a kind of “double whammy”: visual and audible.

It is clear, why are we witnessing such a dreadful scene in the US media just after the advent of Trump: they by all available means are trying to discredit him. The legitimacy Trump will go down, if to show that Russia was actively involved in his campaign. And that’s a direct road to impeachment. The reaction of Tramp (Russian accusation) seems just a way of protection.

I don’t want my words to be perceived as anti-American propaganda because I’ve always liked the US population, especially the inhabitants of the provinces. As a rule, they are the sincere and honest people, who are not interested in politics, reading only the local village newspaper. They don’t know anything about “demonizing the Serbs”, but in those years I would not want to be a Serb for the villagers I would be comical negative character.

The current coverage of Russia in US media does not reach the provinces; I continue to travel around the country quite a lot and say that there is no Russo phobia in the people there. There is curiosity and questions, but no disapproval. And, I hope it won’t be. Moreover, when I many years ago came to Russia, I was asked, was any pressure on me there because I’m Russian. Then I was Vice President of a large company. The firstly I was a Professor at Harvard University, then I was lured into this company: it was enormously big with almost unlimited funds. Then the company was bought and moved from Boston to Minnesota, and I refused to move there. Because of I have experience and observation in the University environment, and in an engineering company. And I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to understand politics if you don’t know how people do lives in other categories.

I have never seen the discussions about the policy during the meal or in the workplace. For American employees the politics – is a taboo, because it inevitably leads to differences and mutual dislike. It creates tension, because the Democrats and the Republicans cannot speak. Perhaps it is innate. If someone of the leaders of the company learns that the employee starts to talk about politics such employee does not hold out in his place for a long time.

Another essential difference of Russia from the USA is that Americans literally impossible to have office romances.

Dionis KAPTAR. In American movies show otherwise…

Anatoly Klyosov. This is not true. In fact, even advances at work are not welcome. Because where novels are, there is always frustration, jealousy, mutual claims, and it is not conducive to the work (after all, they work very effectively and productively).

If feelings come out of work, and then people learn that they are working together? Please create a family, but go from the company. In this respect the Americans adhere to such behavioral standards. The same can be observed in their perception of information from the media (of course there are extremes, but I take the average). They never question and critique such information. “If they say so, then so it is.” If you start to think and criticize, problems start, but it is not needed to the average American. Their national idea has nothing to do with politics: he dreams of his house behind a white picket fence, the family and children in College. And there are neither Syria, Serbia, or Russia in the interest of the American. And “extra” Newspapers do not have to read, plus the part of information, if you don’t like it, you can just skip.

Russian man, as a rule, does not trust such things. And indeed Russian man is much more critical. For example, I have come to read a lecture, and the Russian audience is much more interesting than American. Russians ask questions, information is subjected to questioning, though are sometimes complete nonsense.

Americans have no such. I remember in the early 90s when I worked at the University, I received a letter from Moscow from a respected person. He wrote that he conducted psychic experiments on rats via the TV. Then I half-seriously told at the seminar, calling this experience as interesting in execution and idea. People could not believe that this applies to one who considers himself a scientist. In this regard, the American man is more standard: he cuts his standard lawn, repairs his standard fence and even has the standard greeting. In Russia I can greet the person by from ten to twenty different ways.

Returning to the main question: “the demonization of Russia” comes from the upper echelon, and the media has only picked up because they are focused on audience and advertising. If the media starts to say something else, they immediately are stopped paying for advertising contracts. That’s the reason of depressing and even dreadful situation.

There is revealing story. Somehow I found time to relax in the warm seas and on the beach a man came up to me, as it turned out, Admiral of the fleets. I was pointed out to him, because this was no ordinary beach, but a kind of club where everyone knew each other. It was in 2014, and he asked me two questions — about Putin about the Crimea. I replied that both questions seem easy and, as with Putin personally, I don’t know, I’m ready to answer as a man, almost military — a military man. I told the story, heard from a KGB officer, who worked in the same office with Putin. He sent me the manuscript of his book, “Colleague”, and there I found a story. It was November 1989; the Berlin wall fell, and inspired the Germans rushed to destroy the Stasi. KGB and Stasi were in the same area at the same fence. A crowd of people rushed to the fence and started to shake it to knock it down and either tell who is who in the dossier, or burn it all. At the time Putin (I think major) came in uniform with a machine gun in his hand. Approaching the fence, he shouted in German that is in the line of duty and doesn’t want to fire. The people did not heed the request and continued to shake the fence. Putin then released from the machine in the air, and the disciplined Germans immediately drained off.

When this story was heard by the Admiral, he liked it. He said that as the military, Putin has done the right thing, and that not everybody would do so.

About the Crimea, it’s even easier. I read a little lecture to the Admiral, and he agreed with everything.
The Admiral is a good example. So silly to say “Americans think so” — and among the Russian people split in opinions is very noticeable.

My wife and I almost do not watch American TV (because it’s uninteresting), we look Russian one. For US there is nothing like “Theatre meetings” or “Alone with all”. Only the History Channel compares favorably. But watching Russian TV, and we suffer because of splits in all the talk shows, when people go out, which are strangely called “liberals” (I think that they are likely to “defeatists”).

I could not even imagine such a split in the United States, till Trump did not go for the presidency. This event is unexpected for all Americans the phenomenon of splitting the country up to the smashing shop windows and burning cars. Where is the democracy if the vote is not perceived?
Dionis KAPTAR. I heard the Russia Today TV channel is popular abroad.

Anatoly Klyosov. I never encountered signs of the popularity of this channel. I say quite a lot with different people, although maybe just sample other people, but never met one, who would watch this channel. When I arrived into Moscow and turned on the TV, I has to change channels…Usually people do this differently: look at those, are accustomed to, they have their own, so to speak, “squeeze”. Probably, Russia Today is not on the console at the average American and it is necessary to search this. Although it is recognized that the extracts I have seen, have a very good presentation of the material.

Source: Newspaper Tomorrow


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