Poroshenko got a gift that will be useful in the trenches

The Head of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite presented Petro Poroshenko gift for military use. The news was reported by the website of Ukrainian news channel NewsOne.

During the joint briefing the Lithuanian President presented periscope to her Ukrainian counterpart.
Grybauskaite said that the gift was given by the inhabitants of Lithuania and intended for Ukrainians.

“Today I brought a gift. The money for it was collected by one of our non-governmental organization. It’s a periscope… you can use it in order to protect yourselves in the trenches and on the ground,” said the President of Lithuania.

The Ukrainian leader handed took the subject and made the promise to transfer the device to the Ukrainian security forces in the Donbass.

“We’re sending you our instructors, help you with the rehabilitation of the military and we will continue to help you, because the path ahead is heavy and long. But we are proud of Ukraine,” Grybauskaite concluded.


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