The General Prosecutor’s office of the Donetsk People’s Republic opened criminal proceedings against four commanders of the AFU, giving orders to the shelling of Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk and Starobeshevo district of the DPR in 2014 and 2017.

This was stated today by the press service of the Ministry.

“The investigative Department of the Prosecutor General instituted criminal proceedings on signs of the crimes provided by points “a”, “b” of part 2 of article 229, paragraph “b” of part 3. 229 of the criminal code of the DPR on the facts of shelling of civilian infrastructure, which were not military targets in the towns Dokuchayevsk, Yasynuvataya and Starobeshevo districts,” stated in the message.

Cases were brought against the commander of the 79th airborne brigade of the AFU, A. M., Shandar and commanders of the 30-th, the 54th and the 55-th separate mechanized brigades — I. V. Garasi, V. D. Gorbatyuk and E. S. Brusov.
According to reports, these commanders in August 2014 and March 2017 gave criminal orders to subordinates for the shelling by heavy weapons with a caliber of 122 mm and 152 of territories of the DPR.

“36 real estate listings, the building of a secondary school, a high voltage power line of the East quarry Dokuchayevsk flux and dolomite plant were destroyed and damaged in the course of illegal actions of these commanders. Two people were killed and five others, including an infant, injured by shrapnel,” said the press service of the Prosecutor’s office.

We will remind, earlier Prosecutor General of the Republic opened a criminal case against the commander of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade of AFU Victor Nikolyuk, who ordered the attack on the Western outskirts of Donetsk, in which the evening of June, 4 a woman was killed and an eight year old child was injured.


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