Noble Europe: in Italy, the crowd trampled people

In the Italian city Turin during a demonstration of the soccer match between “Real Madrid” and “Juventus” a mass stampede occurred due to the panic in the fan zone. Information about it RIA Novosti reported, citing reports in Italian media.

Fan-zone was organized for the broadcast of the match, in which a large screen was installed. On the Piazza San Carlo, about thirty thousand people have come.

Давка в Турине
© AFP 2017 / Massimo Pinca

According to witnesses and records, the perfect security cameras, panic rose after the Spanish team scored the third goal in gate of rivals. At this moment they heard the explosions of firecrackers that frightened the people, and the crowd shrinks dramatically to the screen. After that, the fans do not understanding and frightened began to scatter, knocking each other down and causing falling damage.

According to preliminary data of the local police and doctors about 1,400 people received a total of injury. Eight people are in hospital in serious condition.

Паника в Турине
© REUTERS / Giorgio Perottino

Law enforcement officials and experts are working on the scene. Different versions of the incident are examined, witnesses are giving testimony and video recordings are analyzed.

The incident happened due to several reasons, among them one of the most important places is the fear of terrorist attacks, which are distributed in European countries on the background of the terrible events happening in the city during public events and in places of a mass congestion of people. Situation and issues related to mass migration of refugees from many experts in the security field say that the representatives of the various terrorist organizations and groups can infiltrate under the guise of fleeing the war people in the EU. North Africa and the Middle East are not conducive to improvement.

Recall that the double bombing occurred in the night from the 3rd to the 4th of June in London, in which at least seven people became victims of terrorists and dozens were injured.


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