In Italy is in favor of the recognition of the DPR and the LPR

Petition for the recognition of the People’s Republics of the Donbass has appeared in Italy on a popular site. The organizers of the initiative were the representatives of anti-fascist and trade Union organizations, who visited our country at the invitation of the Federation of trade unions of the LPR.

On June, 2 it was reported in the Federation of trade unions of the LPR. The appeal was sent to the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, in the country’s Parliament and the authors intend to send a similar petition to the European Parliament. The text of the petition:

“Realizing the importance of the international principle is non-intervention and self-determination of peoples; we pay attention to the following: in February-March of 2014 in Ukraine the junta Nazi-fascists type, consisting of paramilitary formations such as the “Right sector” and “Azov” battalion, which carried out inhuman crimes came to power due to the military coup.

The population of the Donbass, where were entrenched anti-fascist consciousness in the referendum on May 11, 2014, voted for the creation of Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic. From that moment the Kiev regime unleashed a fratricidal war. And even after the signing of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian government is not fulfilling even the basic points of the agreement. Residents of the Donbass, including children, continue have to be killed and their homes are bombed.

Violations of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian side continue to alienate citizens of the Donbass from Ukraine more and more. Recognition of the Lugansk and the Donetsk People’s Republics is the only way to return the citizens of the Donbass to the normal life, to restore the economic and industrial potential, to provide jobs and wages to people, who are able to work and pay pension benefits.

The recognition of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics is the recognition that the struggle against fascism is universal! This act should protect the dignity of citizens and to be a guarantee of living in peace and democracy.”


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