Hundreds of mercenaries from the Baltic States, Poland and Georgia have arrived into the zone of “ATO”

A few hundred of armed mercenaries from the Baltic States, Poland and Georgia have arrived into the settlements located near the contact line.

This was reported at the briefing in the Lugansk-inform-Centre by the official representative of the LPR militia Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko. He noted that “the Ukrainian government continues to use military help of Western patrons, as well as to hire the services of corrupt foreign mercenaries”.
“According to our information, several hundred mercenaries from the Baltic States, Poland and Georgia, armed with small arms, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers have arrived into the settlements located near the line of contact,” said Marochko.

“So, it is noted that the location of the field camp in which the foreign military instructors teach members of the armed forces of Ukraine to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance actions and tactics of carrying out stripping in urban environments was recorded in the village Borovskoe,” said the Colonel.

“The same training camp was recorded on the territory of the settlement Schaste, where the Polish instructors conduct classes for the training of snipers and sabotage-reconnaissance groups for their further transfer and work in the Republic,” he added.

The representative of the militia also reported that “a group of foreign mercenaries, armed with small arms sample of NATO countries was noted in the village Trekhizbenka of the Slavyanoserbsky area.”

As previously it was reported by the Agency, Marochko noted that Kiev militants have transferred to the Village Lugansoe about 45 Arab mercenaries to carry out sabotage and subversive activities.

In addition, representatives of the militia repeatedly reported about the transfer by the Ukrainian command of the contact groups of foreign mercenaries, including from Arab countries, Poland, the Baltic States and Georgia into the area.


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