Kiev is ready to pay to the Donbass for the rejection of the Russian language

Deputy of chief editor of “New Land”, permanent expert of Izborsk club of Novorossia Alexander Dmitrievsky gave commented on the site “Free press” (Moscow, Russia) the situation around the continuing attempts of Kiev to make ukrainisation on the occupied part of the Donbass.

The first city of the Donetsk region, which will conduct a full ukrainisation, will receive 30 million UAH (65 million rubles). About this on his page in Facebook was written by the leader of the Donetsk military-civil administration Pavlo Zhebrivskyi. In addition, for the 2nd place he has promised 20 million and for the 3rd — 10 million.

“We will continue to pursue a strategy for expansion and support of the ukrainisation of the Donbass. The city, which the first fully translates all informational and advertising signs in the Ukrainian language, including plaques with street names will receive 30 million UAH for the infrastructure’s development,” promised Zhebrivskyi.

According to him, in the process of Ukrainization it is “important strategic results”, so it is decided to hold not only prohibitions, but also incentives.

 Recall, calls to the Ukrainization of the Donbass, often violently, was heard since the coup in Kiev in February 2014. One of the last loud statements sounded the words of the adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov Ilya Kiva, who in December 2016, said that residents of the territory uncontrolled by Kiev should be forced to love Ukraine.

According to assistant of interior Minister, the main task in the country — is the formation of a new generation that is why the Donbass is needed to be forced by Ukrainization, not de-communization. Kiva said that people in the Donbass are “poisoned by post-Soviet rhetoric,” and therefore they should be made to love Ukraine, even by violent methods.
In February, the mayor of located in 30 kilometers from Donetsk city Krasnogorovka Oleg Livanchuk said that the vast majority of the population of the city supports the DPR and complained that he was forced to live in a building of two-stored administration with weapons.

“They’re all separatists, they are needed to be broken up,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian media. “There is a large percentage of the stupid population. Genes will not be changed. Much arises in genes. And it’s the gene pool. It is necessary to withdraw, to stir them up,” said Livanczuk.

The policy of ousting the Russian language from public life continues to be gradually enforced in Ukraine on the first day after the coup. On April 20, the Kiev city Council approved a complete Ukrainization of the service sector in the city. The national language became mandatory for enterprises, institutions and organizations of communal ownership, to the waiters and sellers. The Ukrainian language should also be placed on ads, signs, posters, billboards, messages, and other forms of audio and visual products, price tags and menus. In that case, if the sign is reflected in a foreign language, then the installation should be permitted only with the indication of the Ukrainian translation or transliteration of equal type.

The implementation of the Ukrainization its initiators explain not by the struggle against the Russian language”, but by “the need to protect the rights of Ukrainian citizens”.
We will remind also that in January the bill about the “exclusiveness of the Ukrainian language” was introduced into the Parliament, which immediately got the name “linguistic genocide”.

Under this project, the Ukrainian language should be mandatory for all state power bodies and local self-government, preschool, school, out-of-school and higher education institutions.
In connection with the statement of Zhebrivskyi there are a number of issues. Do the cities, controlled by Kiev in the Donbass support this initiative? Will it give Kiev the desired result?

— Well, what do you mean “will support the initiative of the city”?

If we are talking about the inhabitants of these cities, no one intend to ask them, — the Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov noted.

— If we are talking about the occupying forces representing Kiev there, they have long been saluted. Some cities have completely closed the education in the Russian language, in many cities, signs have long been Ukrainized. Of course it is contrary to public opinion. But there is one last 3 years.

“FP”: — If you take everything you need, all in Ukrainian, will it result, which Zhebrivskyi calculates?

— And what result does Zhebrivskyi count?

He hopes that he is patted on the head by his superiors and will allocate the award. He is likely to achieve. On the more he cannot count.

“FP”: — Where is the money from? Why Kiev, which is still not even started to restore the destroyed during the fighting of the spring and summer of 2014, the year, yeah.

— And they are not going to build anything and fix. They honestly said many times that the Donbass even “after release” should be left in ruins. For the Ukrainian conscious it is much more important to ban Russian language, than to open a library, school or exhibition. They are guided by that…

“FP”: — By words, of Zhebrivskyi, the money will go to urban infrastructure development. Will you? 30 million is actually a lot for the average Donbass city.

— Yes, in any case, all the money would not be extra to the budget of abandoned and forgotten cities. But everyone understands that even those handouts, which sometimes descend to the zone of the occupation by Kiev, are stolen at the root. So in the end, they will hold the remaining pennies some march of embroidered shirts, where they amass the pupils, and all limited by these.

“FP”: — Why does Kiev is so worried by the issue of Ukrainization of the Donbass? Why do it now when the war continues? Maybe it would be more logical to do it, reaching the world?

— Yes, it is generally impossible to do. The more – a century of Ukrainization of this region showed the futility of the data austere. Really who not only ukrainized of my native Donbass, what methods were used! But we should allow even the slightest relief, and immediately starts a sharp pullback. This has happened many times, and always will. Russian language was and will remain the language of the Donbass.

— The Donbass for Ukraine in the humanitarian respect at all times was a world profoundly alien in nature, — says the Deputy of the editor of the magazine “the New Land” (Donetsk, the DPR), permanent expert of the Izborsk club of Novorossia Alexander Dmitrievsky.
The only interest for Kiev at us is the industrial and natural resources: even in Soviet times, Ukraine treated us as a colony, from which they can and need to extort money.

“FP”: —whether the problem of the need of Ukrainization of the Donbass standing in front of the Kiev sharper than, for example, the Ukrainization problem of Kharkov or Odessa areas.

— Of course. The influence of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture there was purely nominal, even in the post-Soviet era: even then, people talking in Ukrainian on the streets of Donetsk were perceived almost as with sorrowful mind. This thesis confirms the validity of the DPR and the LPR when the administrative resource had to disappear to, and fabulous financial flows, allocated by Kiev, Ukrainization, Ukrainian language has become something marginal. Moreover, this marginalization has occurred naturally without any pressure. However, the Ukrainian language in the Donbass retains the status of a state, but for a completely utilitarian reason: in the hands here are a lot of Ukrainian documents to be spent for the translation of which is long and expensive.

“FP”: — Why was the Donbass the most non-Ukrainian region of Ukraine? What it always so or again, war affected?

— More — the Donbass was the most non-Ukrainian region of Ukraine only linguistically, but also politically. For example, in the years 1991-2013, during the elections for Pro-Ukrainian parties and Pro-Ukrainian candidates in the same Sevastopol (about the Crimea, I did not say!) always gave more votes both in numerical and in percentage terms than in Kramatorsk: in the city that in the Donbass has a reputation as almost the last Bastion of Ukrainians, Bandera all classes never crossed the threshold of statistical error! Whom these facts seem incredible — you can go to the website of the CEC of Ukraine: there is this whole figure in the public domain.

It happened because the bulk of economic relations in the Donbass with Russia, even when Ukraine persisted, and in industries such as engineering, it was close to 100%. For example, production of Kramatorsk plant “Energo-car-special-steel” fully-was bought by “Rosatom”, 80% of produced in Artemovsk salt was consumed by the Russian chemical plants, the lion’s share of the unique equipment produced by Novokramatorsk and Yasinovataya machine-building factories, purchase of enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan. “Ukr-railroad” for all time of independence acquired the Ukrainian steel trunks only about a dozen of Lugansk locomotives: the rest was exported to Russia and Mongolia.

Natural the situation was and with the language issue: the Ukrainian language does not have the conceptual apparatus that can fully serve the engineering industry knowledge. So it was seen and perceived by the population no more than the language of belles-lettres, not having of great practical value. Besides, the Donbass — the region is multinational and the language of interethnic communication develops by the natural order, but not by orders of high officials.

“FP”: —Zhebrivskyi said that ukrainisation should be carried out not only by prohibitions, but also by incentives. How effectively can it be? Do the cities of controlled by the Kiev part of the Donbass support this initiative? Will fight for the proposed amount? What will the attempts of Ukrainization in the face of continuing war? Will people talk in Ukrainian? Will they be loyal to Kiev?

Zhebrivsky during his governorship in the occupied part of the DPR has gained a reputation as a very creative schemer, able notably to throw dust in the eyes of beautiful beginnings, from which there is more noise than the case. But, as I understand it, Mr. Zhebrivskyi in this is not a loss. Suffice it to recall earned on his initiative, the mandatory Ukrainian language courses for civil servants, in the conditions when every person of working age speak Ukrainian, and for those wishing to hold positions in the public service is also a mandatory requirement, or as a simple facade with elements of the noble “deriban” (Ukrainian analogue of the Russian “cut”) do not call similar.

They will certainly to fight for the proposed amount. Yet officials will fight for kickbacks from these amounts: volumes of orders for all sorts of paraphernalia are obviously solid. Oh, and of course, where do without the proverbial bureaucratic “tick”? The boss loves the cheerful reports… But the results will be equal to an infinitesimal value: people are absolutely no difference what language stencils and notices. To the rising popularity of the Ukrainian language, this show will not, and it will not add sympathy to Kiev at the common people.

Dmitry Rodionov


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