In Ukraine counted the price of gas for the population “in hindsight”

The cost for gas consumed in April will be recalculated for the Ukrainian subscribers. The resulting “debt” appears in the receipts for May and June. Representatives of utilities and gas transmission companies attributed the situation is simple: the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers was to raise the price from the 1st of April, but did not do it because of the appointment fee by the national Commission.

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“The Cabinet should change the price of gas from April, 1.
There was a legal conflict in connection with the cancellation fee for the gas. The new price of gas is not laid for the transportation of gas. On the10 of April the subscription fee was canceled, but the official decision came on April, 27. For three days we could not recalculate. We waited until the adaptation period and appoint a new price.

The difference in 8 kopecks is the premium for suppliers of gas. In the previous price it was 1.5 percent and now is 2.5 percent,” explained the press-Secretary of the enterprise “Vinnitsa-gas” Oksana Polishchuk, answering the journalists’ question about why this situation occurred.

The difference in price will be recalculated for the entire period from April, 1 of this year. It will be a few UAH. To pay it will have in June. In May, Ukrainian subscribers will pay for gas at a new price.

In the tax area, such cases are rare. At least earlier in the Ukrainian legislation the rule was, claiming that the law is not retroactive. This meant that changes in the regulations and any rules cannot modify the decisions taken by the previous laws. But perhaps that is now “change the past” is standard practice for the Ukrainian state apparatus.

Simple inhabitants of Ukraine have to hope that the “power”, installed after the coup in 2014, suddenly decide that for apartments, received in the Soviet Union, too, are to settle with the Treasury — just “price were not  made in time”.


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