A new scandal erupted around the nuclear waste that Russia has to give back Ukraine. As it is reported by the Internet-the edition “Informat”, citing environment Minister Ostap Semerak, Ukraine has obligations to take away from Russia the spent radioactive materials that were previously sent for processing and 20 year storage to Chelyabinsk. “The return date was postponed several times due to the lack of infrastructure. First, it was for 2016 and then for 2018,” wrote Semerak.

The Minister said that the state Fund which must be filled by manufacturers of raw according to the “polluter pays principle” was created in 2009 for the construction of storage of vitrified radioactive waste.

“Unfortunately, legislation changes in 2010 and 2015. The Fund has lost the ability to accumulate funds and to dispose of them, in fact, ceased to exist. Today, the Cabinet approved legislative and budgetary changes that will improve the financial mechanism of radioactive waste management and will begin the construction of the repository for spent nuclear fuel,” the official added.

Semerak emphasized that they are talking about the construction of a facility for storage that is exported of radioactive waste to Russia.

“Earlier I wrote about the beginning of construction of the Centralized storage in Ukraine, which will place the spent nuclear fuel (facility) from Ukrainian nuclear power plants. They are different objects,” added Semerak.


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