Three years of the Republic! (Holiday concert)

Through the storm of emotions overwhelming inside I am writing this post about the anniversary of the Referendum on Independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic, which gave a start to the new independent state. Despite the fatigue and the buzzing in feet, we can say that today was one of unforgettable days in a good way.

Sitting on the floor in a narrow corridor of RSK “Olympic” in anticipation of the interview with Alexander Buynov, I became an unwitting witness to how the artist shared his impressions on the phone with his loved ones. The singer didn’t expect to see a full stadium. He with excitement said that it became clear that the propaganda works well. People, who are not involved with their head in our conflict, might think that complete ruins are in Donetsk and it’s ruled by death. Seeing a living city, eyes open by themselves.

I admit that was impressed with the shivers, when I went to the stadium and saw a brimming cup of RSK “Olympic”. Goose-bumps ran with even greater force when Alexander Marshall sang an old military song, “On the nameless height” and the whole stadium standing and singing along to the musician. By his performance the artists have given us hope for the future, that everything will be fine. I was not alone, who was making such a conclusion.
As for our “enemies” who say that the Kremlin sent us aging singers, then they had better keep quiet. The perverts that by shocking are trying to get attention came to them in the Eurovision song contest. About any sincerity or talent is no question. Their “art” is dead.
A huge thank I want to say to musicians that have supported us in our hard struggle! Their support opens the second or the third breath and allows us to continue to live. A special thank you I want to say to everyone, who took part in the procession. In particular, the heroic inhabitants of Slavyansk! We showed everyone that we are united, in spite of the front lines between us! Donbass — strong! The region will survive! Donbass will win!

Congratulations, dear Republicans! It was a memorable day! Let these be more in our lives!

Denis Grigoryuk


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