May, 9: what the Ukrainian Frankenstein really is

Online broadcast of the Victory Parade in Moscow became the most popular search engine of Internet resources on the territory of Ukraine. What does this mean? Yeah just that in the most part the Bandera-Shukhevich vaccine did not take root in the Ukrainian organism.
Yes, in some places this poison acts strongly, till gangrene — but from May 9, it was seen the Ukrainian society is quite able to heal itself. The key word here is “themselves, native, yourselves.”

Here, judge yourselves – for three years ago we became “no brothers”; the whole families tore the family ties; the Ukrainian citizens to urgently killed “Moskal” at them. But it was so active that in a figurative sense, every citizen of Ukraine that to become “real”, had to tear out from his soul just a piece of Russian, like an arm or a leg: language, friends, habits, holidays, ancestors and in short – a good part of life. And instead amputated, under pain of the burning, as it was of May, 2 in Odessa House of trade Unions, to put in his soul quite different sprouts: another story, another truth and another conscience.

And it turned out paradoxical. Nazi Edelweiss does not take root in the Slavic soil. There are still people in Ukraine, who are ready to go to a rally and sing “Smuglyanka”. Of course, it’s a small credit, but at least it’s something.

Judge for yourself. Almost in all the major cities of Ukraine there were skirmishes between townspeople, who tried to support the action “Immortal regiment” and nationalists. Mind you, the nationalists over the past three years tightly learned that they the Ukraine allowed anything that their role now is to work as a sacred cow. They say they earned this right on the Maidan when to this day, unidentified persons shot them in the name of the victory of the Revolution of “Dignity”; presumably, these were their own colleagues.

And then something went wrong. Selfie- the cops, for some reason, began to catch at the first place of the Nazis. In particular, the first they completely blocked the office of the OUN in Kiev for the entire day. That these nitwits with the plumes even never have occurred to arrange a torchlight procession in honor of their unforgettable Hitler.

Blacks and reds got upset and went the other way. In small groups they dispersed, to organize local unrest on the little things. But here mistake came to the old woman too. Paradoxically, selfie-the cops caught them quickly and packed all into paddy wagons. Yes, progressive “they-are-children”, this is not when during the tyrant Yanukovych. Your current democratic, European leader quickly will send you to the burgers, even will not be crying.
By the way, it’s about the selfie-the cops. In the video, I was struck by one thing — packing neatly stacked curly troublemakers on the pavement, and none of the civil servants ever thought to use the state language to command. They spoke with Ukrainian citizens, burying their muzzle into the grounds, using commands like trained dogs, and, moreover, on the language of the country-aggressor.

-Sit! Down! Voice!

And those that? That anything! To lie – they lay, as they were ordered, so – that was a master. No, this is still not possible to knock out from a cortex. They lay like lambs, and where only the entire military ardors have gone? This is a perfect illustration servile essence, once you understand the language of the master when he will begin the forehead at the Cossack forelocks poke you into the ground.

Not worth it, in fact, encouraged — all that stuff is needed only in order not to ruin a beautiful picture of what is happening on the outskirts of Kiev Eurovision, which everyone has forgotten. The captured nationalists will be released for the accomplishment of future exploits and again they will work as a sacred cow. Or they have to operate on the Polish master for the collection of strawberries, a bit of options.

But the fact that the mass average Ukrainian suddenly slowly began to understand what he lost on the Maidan — it is a good idea. You’ll see, and ever he finds the strength to regain what is lost. And he’ll do it with his own hands.
Daria Timoshchuk


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