Ukraine has not enough gas for heating

The cold snap has forced Ukraine to increase the volume of selection of gas from underground storage facilities over the planned. This is evidenced by the state company “Ukrtransgaz”.

6 January, the head of the Department of public relations and press relations of “Ukrtransgaz” Maxim Belyavsky wrote in Facebook that Ukraine is in connection with increased frost increases the rise of natural gas from its underground storages (UGS) at 1.7-2 times compared to the first week of January.

“The volume of gas extraction from storage facilities increased. Projected daily mode — 100 million cubic meters,” wrote Belyavsky.

Earlier, the management of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has assured that gas reserves are sufficient for passage of the heating season, even in low temperatures. Thus, according to the estimates of the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, the selection of the gas should not exceed 50 million cubic meters per day.

However, on the 4th of January Ukraine exceeded the stated by KOBOLEV volume of 50 million cubic meters, using 60.7 million cubic meters of fuel, and on the 6th of January the volume of selection of gas from underground storage facilities was increased to 100 million cubic meters per day.

On the 5th of January KOBOLEV on air “the 5th channel” said that without the involvement of European companies in Ukrainian transit will be very hard to keep it on the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, the transit of gas to Europe is actually in jeopardy, and “Naftogaz” is on the verge of bankruptcy, people in Ukraine continue to freeze to death.

Now Ukrainian underground storage facilities are filled to 37%. According to forecasts of Ukrainian hydro meteorological center in the coming days in the Western, Northern and Central regions the temperature will drop to 20-26 degrees Celsius and at the end of the month frosts up to 30 degrees are possible.


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