Trump will offer Moscow “a great friendship” against China

Photo: Dmitry Musa | the Official website of the party “Fair Russia”
Our colleague Dmitry Musa, co-chair of the “Izborsk club” of Novorossia, Professor of DonNU, a member of the Donetsk branch of the “Zinoviev club”, corresponding member of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, doctor of philosophical Sciences, commented on the resource “New Day” prospects of development of Russian-American relations:

The end of the second presidency of Barack H. Obama marked a series of unprecedented stock, so or otherwise infringing on the Russian Federation. It is a new milestone (package) sanctions imposed on Russia over alleged “cyber-attacks” that changed the course of the election campaign in the United States, the expulsion of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, sanctions against Russian athletes, all of them spun the flywheel of the information war. With the entry into the powers of the 45th President – D. Trump situation in world affairs and Russian-American relations will not change significantly. And it’s not started bargaining (supervised by the “grey cardinal” of American diplomacy Henry Kissinger) on the fate of post-Soviet States – Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova in exchange for cooperation in the greater Middle East. Plus it is a virtual friendship between the U.S. and Russia against China. Or, for example, it is possible changes in the quality of interactions in certain areas, for example, the fight against DAISH (ISIS banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), or solve the “problem of the Arctic” (on which the US and Russia have diametrically opposed positions).

Rather, we must consider that such strategic things as the US military budget on 2017 ($613 billion), the National security concept, national military strategy, etc. cannot be adjusted overnight. Moreover, declarations of intent of D. Trump are very controversial and require coordination with each other and with the institutions of American power-a financial pyramid. For the latest the business interests – a key factor of dominance.

Hardly, this paradigm will be changed. So the image of “black swan” is not mechanically attached to the newly elected President and his innovations. Moreover, world politics today – it is excess-entropy process, since neither the global institutions nor the “structural violence”, or the efforts of groups of actors (coalitions) or international law and morality do not reduce the overload of the system. It will be except in some regions, at the level of regional units (the SCO, the project “New silk road”). Now there is clearly not enough negentropy of BRICS. And the United States with the new President regard with great suspicion this alternative project.

Source: article of Kristina Slavinskaya


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