Ilya Yanichkin is going to be the new President of Finland

Well-known Finnish human rights activist and chief editor of the opposition newspaper “MV-Lehti” Ilya Yanichkin intends to run for President of Finland to 2018.

“He has a real opportunity to become President of Finland in 2018 year,” writes Finnish political movement “Reform.”

Yanichkin intends to collect 20 thousand questionnaires for the Ministry of justice of Finland, and then he can run for President of the country.

Ilya Yanichkin — the son of a Finnish mother and a Russian father, was born in the town of Lieksa, Finland. In the fall of 2014, he created the Internet-the edition “MV-Lehti”, sharply opposing the mainstream-media of Finland and against the establishment of the country. In the end, the Finnish government organized a real hunt against him, and demands the extradition of Yanichkin from Spain, although he has no criminal record. A few trumped-up investigations on the basis of minor violations were opened against him, such as copyright infringement, “illegal gambling,” casino-gadget, which is published on the website of his publication in Spain. In this regard, he has become extremely popular in Finland. His edition of the “MV-Lehti” is read by more than 500,000 readers weekly.

“Ilya Yanichkin and his MV-Lehti is the event of the decade. Everyone is talking about them. Yanichkin stated that he intends to change the political system of Finland, is to eliminate all of the mainstream media. His edition became extremely popular; it is read by half a million Finns weekly. This is very much in the scale of our country. The Finnish government answered calls for his extradition from Spain. All criminal investigations against him were fabricated. In fact, it’s increasingly working for him. He became a superstar in Finland. He has a real opportunity to become President of Finland in 2018 year,” commented social activist and a Finnish human rights activist Johan Backman.

Ilya Yanichkin already has been compared to such fighters for the truth like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.


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