Sydöstran Swedish newspaper published an article that exposed the lies of the anti-Russian by West. In particular, the author was not afraid to say that Crimea is Russian, and the reunification of the Peninsula was not an annexation, but a legitimate step. Why? Perhaps, soon Sweden will be involved in international proceedings, and neutrality no longer works.
As writes Sydöstran, the view that the crisis in Ukraine began from the Crimea, is rooted in Europe. But it is not. A turning point came on the 21st of November, 2013 when the Ukrainian government refused to sign the Treaty built on the “principles of neo-liberal dictatorship” and implies “Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO.”

However, the West did not retreat from its goals and used plan B. In Ukraine “fascist shock troops”, trained in Poland, were activated. They acted as the instigators of the Maidan, of course, for good money. Talking about this situation, the Swedish edition is in no hurry to retouch information. Moreover, such truthful and complete descriptions are rarely seen. So, the author writes about the hard, life-threatening the overthrow of Yanukovych, in which a legitimate President had to escape. Thus, Ukraine has accomplished a coup organized by the hands of Western puppeteers.

However, the fact that the Maidan was staged is not hidden by States. Sydöstran reminds as a press-the Secretary of state department Victoria Nuland at the time, admitted that the coup in Ukraine has cost the U.S. $ 5 billion. But who counts money when it comes to geopolitics? Obviously it is not the US! Also, the Swedes remind that a record of the conversation Nuland and the US Ambassador was preserved, where’s Victoria on the phone “appointed” Ministers for the new, Pro-Western Ukraine.

It is surprising fact: Ukraine dreams of speedy European integration, not knowing that Europe and the United States have long been embedded in the core in Kiev. The irony is that some special buns from this, the Ukrainians have not received; not counting those cookies handed out on the Maidan by Nuland. But back to the Swedish article. “The coup has launched a wave of Nazi and Russophobic terror with massacres, kidnapping and killing political and ethnic opponents,” the author continues. Is it any wonder that the population of the Crimea, looking at this madness that engulfed Ukraine, chose to reunite with Russia?

And now there is the big question – was it legitimate? This question has a clear answer: no.

“Annexation means that the territory captured by force,” reminds Sydöstran. However, can we speak in this case about the use of force, when a single shot did not happen? The Russian troops have long been on the Peninsula, there they based on a multi-year contract, acceptable to both parties. However, the Crimea was the excuse to start a confrontation with Russia. The West has embarked on vigorous military activities close to Russian borders, and an active propaganda, accompanied by economic measures (sanctions) was deployed against Russia.

The sanctions have seriously hurt Europe, reminds Sydöstran. But even more important is than that. The concern of the Swedish journalists was aroused by the words of the Supreme commander of the country, which on the 1st of October, said: “If there is a regional conflict, we will find ourselves drawn into it.” And this is despite the fact that Sweden formally retains its non-aligned status.


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