His name in Latin means “Trusty”. He retained a loyalty to his homeland, his beliefs, and the friendship that originated from the Cuban people with the Soviet Union over half a century ago. Over the years, the enemies have taken six hundred and thirty-eight attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. They all proved futile: 25 November 2016, the Commander stepped into the History not defeated by anybody…

Older readers will remember the late 1980s, when the socialist countries, including the citadel in the face of the Soviet Union, one after another began to swerve from the chosen way. The evil whispered, with new friends in the face of Washington and its satellites all of us will be more fun and satisfying: great time to be able to sacrifice old friends, and also to betray not only the spouse or the country, but even to ourselves. In one word — be prepared to sell your soul to the master of the underworld at thirty thalers.

But not all succumbed to this temptation. China, which grew into a new superpower, refused to give up; indomitable Vietnam followed suit. North Korea successfully holds the defense in conditions of severe blockade. Despite the claws of the Washington’s sanctions, “a long green lizard with eyes of stone and water” stood: in such a vivid way that has become its trademark, Cuba was awarded by the famous poet Nicolas Guillen, a companion of Fidel Castro in the revolutionary struggle. And it not just survived — on the example of the Cubans at the turn of the century the banner of anti-imperialist struggle was raised by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, by Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, by Evo Morales in Bolivia, and a number of other leaders of the red continent. And despite the fact that in the “dashing nineties” Cuba was completely in a hostile environment: Havana had not so powerful foreign policy protégé in the neighborhood what Beijing is now to Pyongyang and Hanoi.

The reason for this durability is battle hardened of leader: appreciate just what was got expensive. Fidel Castro, as well as Vietnamese, Chinese, and North Korean colleagues were in the socialist camp at the time of the crash only the first persons, who either came to power or are professionally formed in the course of the liberation struggle. We are talking about participation in the liberation movement, and not in intra-elite behind-the-scenes intrigues that led to the political Olympus of almost all Soviet and East European leaders of the late-perestroika time. After all, in fact, the leaders, who experienced the hardships of war – veterans, partisans, underground fighters, home front workers and prisoners of Nazism – disappeared from the scene through the efforts of Gorbachev and his associates. Their place was taken by experienced courtiers, who easily went into a huddle with the enemy.

Could Fidel leave Cuba in the hour of universal treachery, and to give way to “democratic” Pro-American successor? Of course, he could, Yes, but he was fighting in a difficult time not for to leave the Fatherland in the lurch: he preferred to share the fate of his people. Castro knew that he may merit the crown of martyrdom, as was awarded to Salvador Allende, Maurice Bishop, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and many other leaders of the anti-imperialist movement, but he was not afraid of it.

Life demonstrated the truth rule, “do not betray yourself and friends — you, too, will not be betrayed!” As a result of the fidelity of the Commander to his principles today we see a new Alliance of Cuba with a resurgent Russia, which for decrepit Uncle Sam is clearly uncomfortable.

In the night of April, 26 in 1986 a terrible disaster — Chernobyl came to our, then a common home. Cuba, possessing then and possessing now the best medicine in the world, has extended a helping hand to our people one of the first: since more than a quarter century persons, suffered from the effects of the disaster, the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens permanently are treated there. Cubans have not denied assistance not only for children, but for adults as well: the share of the latter accounts for sixth of twenty-five and a half thousand taken on Chernobyl the special program.

While the Cuban side takes full responsibility for all costs not only themselves, but also their relatives: the treatment takes many months, and in the presence of loved ones, it is much more successful. Numerous cases are known, when the migration service in Havana on the first request of a physician was to prolong visas to patients after Chernobyl as many times as is necessary for their complete recovery. Also note that for patients, in addition to the full amount of medical assistance they provided a rich cultural programmer, including a weekly excursion around the country!

All this makes the state that are experiencing enormous difficulties and pressures to a large extent deny its own citizens: not all know that even half a decade ago the only everyday dish on the Cuban table was raw sugar, washed down by a glass of water! In light of this, I have a simple question to the Kiev “leaders”: “Can the current Ukraine to expect such selflessness from Europe, in which you strive with all you might?” Of course it is not.

And this example is not just altruism, but a real allegiance to the friendship of our peoples, which was born in the distant 1959 and has passed many tests. Comandante has treasured this loyalty regardless of whom we tried to be friends all these years. He kept it even when the post-Soviet leaders were in dangerous proximity with his worst enemy – the United States: I don’t know whether Washington has raised the question of the “plum” of Fidel at any of the “Belovezhskaya threesome”, but don’t be surprised if it really took place.

“The measure of our lives we understand when we’ll go…” — so the song says. For statesman the last way is the most objective and the most honest “barometer” of public opinion: you can hire a vociferous mourner, but any amount of money cannot buy the sincere tears of the citizens.

Remember how in September Uzbekistan said goodbye to Islam Karimov. People covered with flowers the road along which tobut with the body of the leader of the country was carried: it was a real gratitude of the people for the fact that the Uzbek land has passed the turmoil that has become a nightmarish reality at the neighbors.

Exactly three months Cuba has seen off by Fidel Castro. Over a million people arrived to the capital to pay tribute to the leader of the national revolution. A stream of people to the urn, stretched out for miles, did not stop neither day nor night.

And so I want to ask all five Ukrainian presidents — both retired and current, “Will the people of Ukraine to mourn you? Or maybe you are waiting for the postmortem fate of “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher, whose hearse drove through the streets of London under spiteful song about a dead witch?”

Alexander Dmitrievsky


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