Maryana Naumova: Honored master of sports of the DPR is my best reward

The classic bench press is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world, including in our young Republic. A huge contribution to the promotion of this sport has been made and by young Mariana Naumova.

Brave girl, even during the most intense fighting in the DPR and the LPR she came and helped organize tournaments, master classes, visited schoolchildren and always morally support the residents of the Donbass.

Edition of YIA “Novorossia” got in touch with the athlete, we were able to chat about her plans on the promotion of the sport, when she will come again to visit us and much more.
Hi, please tell our readers where you are now and what competitions are being prepared?
At the moment I’m preparing for the demonstrative performances to be held in Syria. I would like to support the Syrian people and athletes of this country. The last visit to Syria, which took place in September of 2015, I promised the wife of Bashar al-Assad, Mrs. ASMA al-Assad, to come again and perform on Syrian soil. We are currently negotiating the exact date of the visit.

You’re a regular guest of our young republics, actively promoting a healthy lifestyle. When are you planning to come again to visit us?

I was planning to come to the Donbass in December, but most likely, due to my workload at school will have to reschedule for January. I am at the 11th grade of an ordinary suburban high school near Moscow, they don’t do me any favors and I, like all pupils, am preparing for Unified State Exam. Many important classes are scheduled for December, and it has been difficult to combine this with social work. But I love the Donbass, I have thousands and thousands of friends and acquaintances, it is almost my home!!! I will definitely come soon! This will be my seventh trip. As always – I would love to visit schools, institutions, children’s institutions and to hold the Russian press.

The classic bench press as the sport is gaining a lot of popularity in the DPR and in the LPR. Do you not think it is and your merit?

The classic bench press is developing not only in the Donbass, but throughout the world. In powerlifting athletes are increasingly refuse from the use of equipment, is a lot of competition in beta-carotene divisions (classic powerlifting and bench press).

First, it is easier – when you train and compete in “the outfit”, you need aides and assistants even to put it on. In classic mode you can do on your own. There are only rod and you. Second, the equipment is a special shirt for bench press, jumpsuit for the squat and thrust – are expensive, a good bench press bench press shirt is 400-500 dollars, and for training it is necessary to have a few of those.

In the Donbass powerlifting has always been developed, both female and male athletes showed excellent results. Of course, during the war, it’s not for sport…. But I am very glad that life is getting better, and with it sport returns. I know the Minister of sport of the DPR Mikhail Mishin, I’ve seen how he works hard to recover the sport life in the country. And as hard as I can to support the athletes of the DPR and the LPR, primarily the kids, tell the kids about the sport, conduct children’s tournaments in the Russian press, trying to support tournaments in powerlifting in the republics by prizes and gifts.

I get hundreds of emails in the social network after each trip and consider it is a very important motivation for you. My friend, the great English bodybuilder Dorian Yats, once said “…Mariana, in addition to the medals and titles that we receive for our sports work, we need to help people, give them our love, be an example, and then we become useful for the people…” It is very important to me.

The title of Honored master of sports of the DPR, which I was also awarded by national Council of the Republic in April of 2015, I think the biggest reward.
What do you wish to the athletes of our Republic involved in the sport and our youth?

I wish the youth of the Donbass perseverance and patience. We, the youth, are the future of our great Motherland and it only depends on us how we will live further. I’m sure despite all the difficulties, all will be well!!!! And I am sure I will come soon!
Yours Maryana Naumova


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