Ukraine: Three years without mind

The photo that you see right now was made by my friend and ally in the information war, the Italian journalist Giorgio Bianchi. He considers this the most powerful of the “Maidan” of the cycle. On the twentieth of February 2014, the guy from “self-defense of Maidan” was captured in photo, looking in the direction where the sniper is “working”. Please note — wooden shield in his hands aimed in the direction of “Berkut” and internal troops. But the fire is not there, because the hero of the picture looks a bit aside.

As you probably realized, Giorgio himself was a direct witness of those events. And he absolutely confidently told that they shot from the side of “protesters”, from the hotel “Ukraine”. The result of that horrible “work” — 53 people killed, the death of which became the last straw needed for the coup in the country.

I then had no idea where from exactly the fire will be conducted. But the fact that the shooting is sure to be, has no doubt. Because of it is a technology that shortly before the Maidan number two was used first in Libya and then in Syria. But when I told the people of Kiev, who supported Maidan, they answered me that I’m a psychopath, who believes in conspiracy theories. And after shots they decided I wasn’t a psychopath, but “agent of the Kremlin”. It’s as a joke, really. After all, in the books of Starikov, for example, a technology, called “unknown snipers” was described long before the bloody events in Kiev. And it is not just them. But Ukry can’t believe them, because from their point of view Nicolai Viktorovich is also “Kremlin propagandist”. Comfortable position, do not say anything.
It works

Such a criterion is important for Western political strategists — “it works”. It’s simply and cynically. In the history of Russia “unknown snipers”, by the way, were used in the beginning of XX century. This provocation entered in the books under the name “Bloody Sunday.” And now, it’s called “not cut down with an ax”. But snipers (or any other kind of murder, which then will blame the “bloody regime”) — this is the end of the process. Let’s see how it works from the beginning.

The first stage — the protests are gradually being established in society. Because people usually are not ready to go to the squares and to engage in direct confrontation with the government, the degree of intensity increases quickly. First, “to the masses” (nasty word, but in this case it’s very accurate) thrown thoughts as follows: “something is going wrong”, “government incompetence”, “we are ruled by corrupt”, etc. The group that is already clearly formulated the statement “down with the criminal power” should appear in the result of this tension. At this stage (and at all subsequent, too) the media (although it would be better to say “disinformation”) play the leading role. And if the first revolution technologists were forced to use only books and newspapers, in the current situation “the swinging” of society has become much more easy process, it is much easier to manipulate people through television and the Internet.

The second stage is necessary to find and fan the reason for the fact that people took to the streets. In the case of the February revolution, for example, it was organized interruptions in bread supplies to Petrograd. In Kiev-2013 this occasion was the refusal of the Yanukovich government to sign the “Euro Association.” It’s very convenient this kind of event to start in connection with the election results. So, we can expect that Russia’s liberal opposition will certainly “react” in the next presidential election. In this context, the Institute of democracy has long been a powder keg. Thanks to the voting process, any country with a democratic system can be “shaken” a few times a decade.

Stage three — the radicalization of protests. For this purpose, “trigger mechanisms” (spin doctors call them “triggers”), usually are associated with violence. So in Kiev at the time when Maidan almost went home, “kids were beaten”. At this stage in the process openly included specially prepared for this power group. We have those were Ukrainian nationalists, who still continue to impose its will on the rest of the population of the country. In Egypt it was the “Muslim brotherhood”. From the point of view of technology not as important, what the ideology of these groups will be. However, of course, it always adapts to “local color”. But the main thing here — is the willingness to violence. And then are snipers.
In most cases, countries in which the described scenario has worked, received as a result of not just a coup d’état. The end result most often becomes a complete destabilization of the situation and the war. In this sense, Ukraine is not exception: everything went off without a hitch. It was ranging from Twitter posts of Mustafa Nayem to a full-fledged military conflict in the Donbass.

Did the people, who came to Maidan, what the outcome of this story? I personally think that there is no. I talked a lot with well-educated, well-read people of Kiev, who sincerely supported the “revolution of dignity”. None paid them money; furthermore, they carried to “maidan” their own ones. Now, they were at one hundred percent sure that, first, are in a unique historical situation, so no “Libya” or “Syria” in Ukraine will not be. And secondly, they believed that there was full control of the situation and “everything is going according to plan.” It turns out that they — educated and well-read very well, do not be afraid this word — were skillfully performed the manipulation. A person can sincerely do only what he really believes. Of course, there were other “masses”, which came just for the money. But the ideological engine of progress were people, who thought (amazing, but sometimes they still continue to believe) is that they do everything themselves and that it is THEIR REVOLUTION.
It did not bother them or frequent “guests” from other countries, nor the fact that Maidan is very much similar to Mordor from “Lord of the rings”. The Directors of the process must have received great pleasure from what was happening. However, the galloping “not Muscovites”, apparently, too.
Push the button — get the result…

It would be very interesting now to ask those, who went to the Maidan in 2013 and 2014 — well, are you satisfied? How are things with corruption, do you have? Did you win “gang”? I personally “on neutral territory” — in Russia — have met people, who recognize that the situation has only worsened. It is clear that it was not perfect when Yanukovych and his “party of regions” were, and the first, who was hurt, we were, the people of the Donbass. But what is now? What can people say, which somehow had a hand in the destruction of their country?

There are a few figures to illustrate. Even relaxed, according to Wikipedia 4.5 million migrant workers are now in Ukraine. Think about this figure! Mainly they are people from 20 to 49 years, who would have to be in the country, to create family, have children. But this is not happening and will never happen! The funny part here is that almost 50% of these unfortunates are working in Russia. It is the one, who suddenly became “the worst enemy”. Guys, what is this if not the pace of the approaching schizophrenia?

About how utility prices grow in Ukraine, only the lazy, perhaps, did not say. But I still come on this sore spot again. So at us in the DPR tariffs for communal services remain the same as before the war. And it turns out that compared to us the people of Ukraine for water pay 4 times more, for electricity — by 2.3 times, for gas — 5.3 times. I’m sorry, but I have to ask — did you want it? For this it was necessary to make “the gang gets out”? Those, who rule at you there now — who is this? They are good, honest guys?

I’m not talking about the mobilizations, the corpses that regularly arrive from the “zone of ATO”. They are people with crippled psyche to which it is not recommended to come from back and the doctors do not advise it. So they cannot be left alone, etc. Even the special posters released on the subject — how to deal with warriors, who after the next “pot” have “going roof”. Did you all want to this all? Is it really?

Although in reality it is clear that the Ukrainian society is tired of this development and begins to spiral out of control. Civil actions held in Kiev and Kharkov have become good markers of this. People just came to the train station and sang by the Russian (Soviet) songs. Just more than three minutes it was an expression of their civic position. But in the frame of the rollers is clearly seen as in the eyes of the audience — ordinary people at the station — there is hope. They are bold guys. Very nice to look at what they did. And most importantly — it means that normal people in Ukraine are. Just can’t see them because of the dictates of Bandera schizoid.
New agents

To the third anniversary of the events on the Maidan there have been several events, which according to the classification of “Goat swamp” (previously known as independence square) can be described by only two words: “betrayal” and “shame.” We are talking about the fact that the Kremlin now has two new and influential agents. The first is, of course, Donald Trump. It is yet difficult to predict the consequences of his subversive activities.
The second agent is smaller, but also malicious. He recently made the film “Ukraine in the fire”, which just showed how the scheme to destabilize society works, that is described in this article. From the American film Director with a world name it is, of course, unbearably. He is not some local “jacket”, whose opinion can be ignored.

Well, seriously, in the movie Of Stone there is one significant error. In it, he spoke about Ukraine as on public education that has existed since the time of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and continues to exist until now, just that it allegedly “got into the wrong hands”. So, actually Ukraine for a short period of time appeared in 1917, then it disappeared until 1991. And now simply there is not this country. It was destroyed by those, who came to Maidan in November, 2013. And when the decay process will reach its logical end, the date of the untimely death of the project “Ukraine” will count down exactly from those days.



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