“Night Wolves” is one of the most popular Russian clubs. The club participates in many Patriotic events, participants actively communicate with many politicians, artists and movements. Western sanctions were imposed on the “Night wolves” for the active support of the Crimean spring and militias of the DPR and the LPR. That’s what brought the club to the national position. With the outbreak of war in the Donbass “Night Wolves” took an active part in the social life of the young Republics.

They set in front of the traffic police Department in Lugansk monument to the traffic police in form of the service motorcycle and car, but the main event was the installation of a beautiful glowing monument “Star of Victory”, which was recently damaged in the explosion.

The interlocutor of YIA “Novorossiya”, President of “Night Wolves — Donbass” Vitaly Kiskinov “Prosecutor” — has told our editorial about how he got into this subculture, when the club will restore the damaged monument and much more.

 — Tell, from what age did you get into motorcycles? Was it a family hobby?
The motorcycle I have loved since childhood. Yes, it’s a family hobby; my father rode a motorcycle for many years. Long as I can remember, I have loved motorcycles and always from an early age dreamt of it.

— What was your first bike and what do you have now?
There were a lot of first motorcycles: we gathered them from different motorcycles in the garage, was Java, was IZH, the first memorable bike was a Dnepr-11; it was thoroughly converted by “chopper”, and that’s when I finally decided to become a member of this subculture, and began my club career. Now I have a Yamaha Stratoliner.

 — How did you get your nickname? How do they get in Moto environment?
Yes, it’s like everywhere else. For example, I served in the military Prosecutor’s office, hence I got the nickname. Every person in life, in school, for example, or anywhere else has some-either nickname, a nickname or Call-sign. We do not invent anything new and do not link it to the club theme.

— What is your path to the President of the Donbass branch of the “Night Wolves”? How has this happened? Were you elected or appointed?

— The way to the President of the Donbass branch of the “Night Wolves” was small — the guys in our office have just elected the leader.

— Your club participated in the creation of monuments in the LPR. Was it difficult in time of war?

The enemy strikes not only at our military installations and civilian population, he strikes to intimate — to our historical memory. Recently, a monument that has been set by our club, “Star of Victory” was blown up; a powerful charge has damaged the 12-mm steel wall of the monument, anchor support eventually broke down the monument fell and broke.
I want to stress that we will not forgive and will find those responsible. They’re not impinging on our monument that we raised with great difficulty, and, of course, with considerable financial expenses. They impinge on our history, on the memory of our ancestors, the memory of our Great Victory.

As for me, for example, it is hard to forgive. Monument “Star of Victory” will come back to its place to all our enemies out of spite and will glorify our Great Victory.

 — How many young people want to join the “Night Wolves”, and how your club promotes motto-culture among young people? Young people are very interested, understand, central to our subculture is appliances, informality, a certain brutality in appearance. Become a member of our adult club is a serious step and a huge responsibility. It’s not easy; we are not a club of weekend. “Night Wolf” cannot be, you need to be so 24 hours a day. Joining a motorcycle club is a serious step, and not everyone on it can go.

— Where your club did motocross, and where do you want to go to?

– By the Donbass branch of “Night Wolves” we have made motocross to Moscow, Sevastopol, Chechnya, St Petersburg and it is only in this season, shallow runs within the Republics, I don’t even think of it. What are in the plans? — Not even thought of yet where the Lord will send.

 — It is known that in Lugansk, there are a lot of the club members and what about the DPR?
I want to highlight and emphasize, to understand everything: I am the head of the Department of “Night Wolves — Donbass”, I do not divide the office on the cities and countries, for me, the Donbass is one. Now, who is participating in the DPR is slightly smaller than in the LPR. This is due to the fact that before the war in Donetsk in Ukraine dominated by Pro-American sentiment motorcycle clubs. The situation is different now — the new guys are catching up; we are friends with the other Donetsk clubs. Now more than ever we are all one, we share the same goals and views.

— What will you wish to all motor-fans? To the motor-fans, I wish: good wins, a fair wind, not to lose loved ones, appreciate your life, it’s not like at a cat, it is one at us.

 — What are your future plans and dreams?

– The main goal of the plan is not only our Department, but of the whole of the motorcycle club of “Night Wolves” — is to unite the divided Russian plain, which artificially was smashed and scattered. I want to hoist the flag of the Russian Federation over the entire Donbass and bring it home.

Interviewed by Vitaly Tretyakov


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