After the meeting, held at the metro station “Mayakovskaya” on the 6th of November, 1941 Joseph Stalin declared to the members of Politburo, Secretaries of the Moscow Committee and Moscow municipal Committee about the start time of the parade on Red Square.

A military parade was held in Moscow, on Red Square on November 7, 1941 at eight o’clock, in commemoration of the 24th anniversary of the October socialist revolution. The marching on Red Square of the German troops was scheduled for this day on the occasion of the planned capture of Moscow by Hitler’s Germany. However, the Soviet Union at the whole world has declared that Moscow is not going to give up.

Directly from parade on a main square of the country fighters of Red Army went to the front to which from the center of Moscow were only a few kilometers.

The interlocutor of AGENCY “Novorossia” expert of Izborsk club of Novorossia Dmitry Vyazov spoke about the importance to honor the memory of these events and to continue to move in line with the military traditions of our people:

The parade of the 7th of November, 1941 showed the world the resilience of the Russian people, because the front line was just 50 kilometers from Moscow. 200 pieces of equipment, which immediately went to the front, have participated in the parade. The parade had enormous significance in ideological terms and has raised the morale of the Red Army.
Modern Donbass continues to move in line with the military traditions of the Soviet and tsarist period, it also only in the Patriotic war shows the determination and will to win. Such parades also take place in the territory of the DPR and the LPR; on August 24, 2014 has been held the famous parade of prisoners and on the Parades of Victory on May 9 of 2015 and 2016 were held the large-scale events with the participation of trophy equipment.
The best of the best fighters of the militia of the DPR participated in May, 9 celebrations in 2015 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory: the hero of the DPR Mikhail Tolstykh “Givi”, now the late Arsen Pavlov “Motorola” and fighters from the elite units of the Republican Guard. The main samples of heavy military equipment, including main battle tank army T-72 were presented at a parade in the capital of the DPR. At these celebrations the army of the DPR shows that it like our ancestors in 1941 is ready to be at the forefront to fight and defend the country from the aggressor.


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