After the beginning of the Russian Spring in the Donbass the faculty of Donetsk national University, share the views of Ukrainian nationalism have left the capital of the DPR and moved to the patrimony of Poroshenko and Groysman, the city Vinnitsa. Immediately the “Appendix” of the University had has the problem: there were no dormitories for students, housing for teachers, and for rental of premises the University needs to pay 696 100 UAH monthly. Recently, the faculty wrote an open letter to Poroshenko with a plea for help and posted it on the website.

About the move and the separation of the Donetsk national University, Vinnitsa sad fate of “colleagues” was told to the journalist of YIA “Novorossia” by  staffer of the faculty of history of Donetsk (sounds absurd, but need to clarify) DonNU, chief editor of “New Land” Artem Olkhin:

“As a human I of course feel sorry for those, who got involved in an adventure with the “cloning” of our University. As far as I know, the situation there is quite grim — in Vinnitsa listed (just listed, not study fully) those students, who agreed to move there even in 2014. Then there problems with a set of new students began; salaries and scholarships are normally paid only in the 2014-2015 academic year, because the calculation was on the quick capture of the Donbass and a triumphant return back. In the heat of this fever former colleagues relished in social networks the details of the massacre of “scoops and jackets” — us, that is, they engaged in relation to the Donetsk University outright intimidation, collecting dirt and etc. But when it became clear that Donbass is not so easy to take, everybody forgot about “Vinnitsa DonNU”. May it sound harsh, but the charge for treason was never a pleasant and easy thing. Now those, who have betrayed their city, pursuing short-term political benefit, were in limbo. Many of those, who left in the Vinnitsa already moved to other schools, often in such aside which they wouldn’t look at working in Donetsk, so they were “not in status”. Only a few feel normally in this situation, those who managed to get a job in Kiev. As for Donetsk — everything is wonderful here. This year DonNU has on 4 629 students more than in Vinnitsa. At our faculty there was a quite serious competition for the budget places, but at other faculties too. And the Donetsk national University can be only in its hometown. If you clear the mind from “European” illusions and Bandera’s schizophrenia it is the obvious thing”.


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