The war in the Donbass and the “Croatian option”: the information component

“In March 2014, the entire democratic community stood by us and condemned gross violation of international law by Russia. But it was, rather, an objective look from the outside. Russian aggression was perceived as just another local conflict in post-Soviet space. Today it has become clear that we are talking about the “hybrid war” of the new Russian Empire against the entire democratic world, against the European Union and the United States. With this new point of view, Ukraine is not some distant victim in the post-Soviet miscalculations, and member of the European community, which is at the forefront with arms in its hands to protect European values and democracy”

From the speech of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia Aleksandr Levchenko in Zagreb,
19 Oct 2016

In the speeches of modern Ukrainian politicians, the “conscious” public and just in social media networks, you can easily find the words about a “Croatian option” solution to the crisis in the Donbass. In this case, the authors definitely emphasized that Ukraine and Croatia are “extremely similar historical destiny, and today our people (Ukrainians – ed. Ed.) in fact survive the same what the Croatian people have survived.”

What the “Croatian option” do the Ukrainian politicians mean twenty years ago? This is the infamous “operation Storm” (Horw. Operacija Oluja) in August 1995 which was by the Croatian army against the Republic of Serbian Krajina. The operation was carried out immediately and with special cruelty: the shelling of columns of refugees, extrajudicial killings of civilians based on ethnicity, looting and pillaging became a “business card” of the Croatian military. The result of this action significantly changed the ethnic map of modern Croatia: fleeing from the war, up to 250 thousand Serbs ran, several thousand people were killed. According to the Serbian side, the operation Storm was an act of real genocide.

Most interesting is the fact that military advisers and experts from the United States took active part in the operation “Storm”. On the 15th of November 1994, the United States and Croatia signed a military cooperation agreement. About 60 American mercenaries from a private military campaign MPRI participated in the preparation of Special Forces of the Croatian army. Immediately after the beginning of the action “Storm”, the United States Secretary of state Warren Christopher blamed for what happens to the Serbs who, in his opinion, provoked the Croatian side on the offensive!

As we can see, Ukrainian supporters of the “Croatian option” in favor of a quick military solution of the issue, suggesting, in addition to military operations, a number of additional “bonuses” in the form of bloody acts of intimidation of the civilian population.

However, I, as a journalist, was interested in other mystery events in the Serbian Krajina, and it is the information component of the action “Storm”. To solve this problem, we can spend a lot more similarities with what is happening in the Donbass. Sometimes, even the impression is that on the Serbs they bloody worked technique. In the Donbass it may implement.
Serbian historian Rayo Kuevich put a lot of effort untangling the intricacies of the information war in the Balkans: “They then worked very intelligently and accurately. It is the Bosnian Muslims acted openly, by “front tactics” and Croats had the consultants from British intelligence MI6, which are stronger than the Americans. And they worked with the Serbian population through well-paid “Patriotic” journalists. They like all correctly wrote, but escalate the situation. They wrote: “The Serbs! The army is weak, the Croats have support and they are stronger. The Yugoslav people, the Army will not protect you. It needs something to do.” And the people believed these bastards, not official sources of information. And there was panic, and the people had fled, where no hitting. Especially the leadership of the Republic of Serbian Krajina got from these “journalists”. They deliberately undermine people’s faith in elected government. They relished the false details about of luxury, expensive cars, drunken orgies, talked about some of the quarrels of the leaders Babic, Martic, and Hadzic among themselves, about their links with crime.”

Does it nothing like? I even names do not want to specify you, because everyone can find such texts on the Internet about life in the DPR and the LPR, signed by all sorts of “war correspondents” and “militia”. However, we will continue to quote the Serbian specialist: “each report for 10% was a lie. And accents accurately placed. It was so precisely what it was “maintained” by all. In addition, they actively worked on the decomposition of the army. The information about disgrace takes place in the Serbian parts, that this is not the army, and untrained volunteers and “Chetniks”. Hereinafter, they set the traditional clichés about crime, rapes and robberies”. As you can see, under the guidance of Western experts serious work on the psychological treatment of the Serbian population was carried out.

And today Croatian experts instruct their Ukrainian colleagues how to conduct information-psychological war. So, at the end of September, 2016 in the Odessa garrison officers ‘ house, a cycle of trainings on military psychology, was held by a Colonel of the Croatian army Zoran Komar. For 12 years, the Colonel led the service of military psychologists, and now teaches a “Military-psychological methods to the” officers of the Ukrainian Operational command South, Naval Forces and Air command “South”. The lecture programmer included a story about the peculiarities of psychological preparation of soldiers for battle, detailing the Colonel stopped on the motivating and demotivating factors of participation in combat actions, etc. Total Colonel Komar and his assistants plan to prepare in Ukraine for up to 200 military psychologists.

But somewhere they prepare and journalists, always ready to correctly place the right accents, and at the same time earn good money… Oh how it is difficult to bring them on “clean water”! You won’t find direct references and analogies, specific sources. Not for that they conduct their secret information war that to just say: “I’m a reporter – traitor!” It should be noted that they are not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia, and even from Donetsk. They are generously funded by the “white-ribbon” liberal opposition, various funds and pseudo-Patriotic movement, behind which “pig ears” of the US state Department peep out.

I recently received a letter from my friend, the Serbian internationalist Dejan “Deki” Beric. For 2.5 years as a volunteer he took an active part in the Donbass war. “Deki” incessantly draws analogies with the tragic fate of his homeland, warning us.

“A lot of rumors are in any war, and people, who spread them. To combat this phenomenon we should taught the tactics of the enemy, in this case American.

All the wars the Americans started conducted and finished through the media. And between the information “stuffing” they carried out aerial bombing.

In Ukraine, they formed a group of experts in the Internet which round the clock embedded “bad” information in the heads of people. Especially they are interested in the people of the Donbass, those who live among us, and the volunteers, who fought here in 2014, who then left for a number of reasons. Why? Because these people are “witnesses”, and all the other are willing to believe them.

So the residents of the Donbass themselves begin to fight on the side of their enemies, often without noticing it. This is a dangerous war, very dangerous. For example, rumor has it that our army has passed the position, it is necessary to collect things and “flew” to Russia. Simultaneously, two days running guns work, people hear these shots. No one believes Basurin, because “Patriots” foment hysteria.

Do you think “Deki” a fool and paranoid? No! He saw this in the Republika Srpska. The Americans are working on the morale of the people, humiliate them. They are assisted by those, who do not think by a head, and a… Americans are well aware of, and throw firewood into the fire. And if you are for the Donetsk People’s Republic, you need to be smarter in this war. We need to help the Republic, not to abuse it. I hope this reaches the people not too late!” posted by Dejan Beric.

It is hard to add something else to his words. Think, people, think!



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