Writer Zakhar Prilepin has started a fundraiser to help the family of the deceased soldier of the DPR Arseniy Pavlov, known as Motorola. He reported about it on his official website. On the same day the account of the writer in Facebook was blocked.

The writer told NSN that despite the blocking of the account, the fundraising is progressing quickly and the amount already amounted to half a million rubles.

“I had to work through other social networks, which I don’t pay much attention. But people responded very quickly, and now we have gained exactly half a million. It is just for a day without using any other resources. Funds continued to arrive, and I’ll take them and pass,” concluded the interlocutor of NSN.

The writer shared that in the day when he was just about to post on the social network announcement about collecting money (the 20th of October — NSN), he received a message about locking account. Prilepin said that in the argument they quoted out of context phrase, the authorship of which is attributed to him.

“They brought a phrase that I never wrote. First, I do remember that I wrote, and secondly, it is absolutely not my style. And it was even without a reference to the page, just write me supposedly coined the phrase. I don’t remember what, something with the word “forelocks”,” said the writer. “In the end, I can’t raise funds via Facebook, and there I have about 80 thousand subscribers, and whenever I carried humanitarian aid, Facebook, of course, was very helpful,” complained Prilepin.

Zakhar Prilepin said that he was familiar with the dead militia about two years. He was closely associated with Pavlov and his family, visited his home, and therefore knows how actually a commander of an anti-special unit “Sparta” lived. The deceased left a family — a wife and two small children, Miroslava and Makar; Pavlov also has had a child from his first marriage.

“A lot of nonsense is written. Just so you understand, it’s a small apartment in a residential building. I’ve been there, and not talking about any richness and even prosperous life. The furniture is quite ordinary and the TV set is absolutely normal. Life is even below average,” shared a friend of Motorola.

To organize a fundraiser to help the family of the deceased Prilepin was asked by people who knew about his friendship with Pavlov.

“When all this happened, this wasn’t even my initiative. People just know that we know each other, talked a lot, and they asked if I could transfer some funds. I’m currently working in Donetsk, I have a certain sphere of activity and I’m just going there. And I gave this announcement,” said Prilepin.


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