If the Kiev’s junta would decide to implement dubbed by “the Governor” Pavel Zhebrivsky the threat of renewed large-scale war in the Donbas, Russia will start military peacekeeping operation, in comparison with which the actions of Air and Space Forces in Syria “will look like a warm-up”.

This was stated by political scientist Denis Denisov, the expert of Institute of the CIS countries.

“We understand perfectly well that sounded by Zebrowski is a kind of provocation. Such statements were directed solely at the aggravation of the situation, on the failure of the Minsk agreements and to continue in Ukraine a civil war. Zhebrivsky urged to ensure that by force to try to solve the problem of the Donbass. That is, these people are not able to think in terms of compromise, about the peace negotiation process, and directly state that they are not interested in Minsk, but interested in the war. Such people should not occupy any positions in the Ukrainian state. After these statements, these people should just be removed from the posts. In this respect, there is hope on the position of the European Union and the United States, which will be indicating on this.
Have not once talked about such scenarios, and while there is information about the fact that if Ukraine decided to unleash large-scale military action in the Donbass, it will get asymmetrical response, and the response will be from the Russian Federation. Compared with this reply, the Russian operation in Syria will be like a little warm-up. This is known in Ukraine, so there is hope that, after all, there will be enough people’s minds, not to start a full-scale assault and breakthroughs, to intensify the conflict,” concluded Denisov.


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