About it clearly is showed in the material virtually of the official mouthpiece of Washington — media “Radio Liberty”. Mass media, which three years ago was literally in hysterics and called on all of Ukraine to go to the Maidan, suddenly turned the course on 180 degrees. Now they claim that the Maidan was a political technology of the beating of “they are children”, that is, the protesters provocation, and the “Revolution of Dignity” was held not in order to bring the Ukrainians to paradise on earth. What is the sedition! And, most importantly, now about any “democratic choice” this is not speaking, Ukrainians were openly stated by their idol — Washington that they were raped.

They changed the rhetoric in full. It seems Kiev is drained to hell. By the way, it is not only the media belonging to the Congress, joined in the flash mob.Bloggers and politicians also joined, and all began to actively drown the real and imaginary culprits. Soon the independence from the myth of the heroic will turn into a sad myth, and history textbooks immediately will be rewritten. It will be not the heroic feat of the Ukrainian people, but the shameful management of bleating herd and mass killings.

By the way, they started to drown particular people. So, the same “Radio Liberty” happily has cursed Firtash — he owned the TV channel “Inter”, which loudly called upon the population to the coup.

Unknown bloggers from the USA wonderful stoked Arseniy “a bullet in the forehead” Yatsenyuk. By the way, Ukrainian media from quite a top media love to quote this information, what are symptoms too. So, Senya has stolen so much after the Maidan, which is now currently living in the United States and does not blow in a whisker. Moreover, he bought in Miami, Florida, 24 villas, from one million to five million values each. Of course, there are no reliable sources — why does it need the Ukrainian media? The leader of the Maidan Yatsenyuk from the hero became a traitor, and now fattens on the stolen from the Ukrainians money — ok; basically, the message is correct and logical. I cannot argue with this fact.

Apparently, installation has come from Washington: pour out all the organizers of this parsley that happened three years ago, to hell.

Even Ruslana, who promised to pour herself by gasoline and to burn, if in the Ukraine after the coup will not be the triumph of democracy (lied, infection) — and she admitted that doesn’t understand what exactly was happening on the Maidan. But she doesn’t approve of this. However, personally, no one was accused by her, but sorry, she could start with herself. And, by the way, there is another knight’s move. Yulia Tymoshenko (which has a donut on her head) started to drain Poroshenko. She says the current guarantor is so discredited that in politics anything did not shine him, so Poroshenko agreed with the previous guarantor Yanukovych to return Viktor Fedorovich to his rightful place. In my opinion, this version is the absolute overkill. That’s a lot of science fiction, although you never know…

Yanukovych himself drains Levochkin. But with a caveat — they say: “there is no evidence”. By the way, this incomprehensible, like Schrodinger’s cat, whether guilty or not guilty Levochkin personally, I think a very important symptom at the moment is very active rearrangement in the internal distribution of portfolios. It seems that Ukrainian politics are waited for huge changes, and future winners already separated the sheep from the goats, that is, form the inner rooms of supporters and opponents. Exactly who wins and how this process will occur is uncertain, but it is a lot of indirect factors which indicate that this process is inevitable. And it will be in a fairly short time, I note. It is so a kind of under-the state under-coup, just a change of political leadership.

From myself I will add — I hope that the nationalists will intervene, and either jailed or shot. They have too ponts and recklessness enough for it to start and their own project to lobby in the next political topic. That’s when they’ll be shown what’s what.
I sincerely hope for this. It’s personal, sorry. After what they did to the Donbass, I can’t wish them well.

Daria Timoshchuk


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