The march, which was attended by representatives of the nationalist gangs “Azov” and the radical part of the youth of the city took place In Dnepropetrovsk in the evening of the 1st of December. It is reported by city news resource “Informant”.

Officially, the march was timed to the anniversary of the so-called “March of millions” and the so-called “revolution of dignity”. But some users of social networks, commenting on the event, called it similar to an act of intimidation of the local population, aimed to demonstrate radical sentiments.

Procession chanted the slogans of the radical nationalist nature, which the author of the article on the Ukrainian site calls “Patriotic”. The crowd marched from the monument of Glory and through the prospectus of Gagarin and street Chernyshevsky — Sviatoslav Brave (Chkalov) continued movement towards the building of the national police Dnepropetrovsk region, in the street of the Trinity (the former Red).

The police building was guarded by dozens of law enforcement officers. Representative of civil case of “Azov” gave the police their demands “to punish those, who beat the activists of Euromaidan”. Also, there were demands “to lustrate” of many employees of the internal organs and former employees of division “Berkut”. And those of them, who are now in jail, are assigned criminal liability.

Gathered in front of national police they read the so-called “Prayer of the Ukrainian nationalist.” After the announcement of their claims a large part of the participated in the procession dispersed.

Note that according to the available photos and videos it shows that many participants of the march are not 18 years old. Given the nature of the event and that this event requires a fairly high level of financing and organization, quite strange is that the city authorities normally react to this event. It seems that in Dnepropetrovsk nationalism prevailed over common sense.


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