Former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Eduard Leonov, previously was at radical nationalist party “Freedom”, proposes to create for the residents of the Donbass special camps in which people, who sympathetic to the Republics, will be reformed.

“Let’s set aside for these people special settlements where they will have to pass a specific infiltration period, where professionals will be working with them and to find out, not they agents of the LPR-DPR,” he said in the air of one of Ukrainian television.

Radical considers the cause of the dispersal of activists of the “Maidan” during the celebration in the center of Kiev of the anniversary of the so-called “revolution of dignity” this year; under the pretext of “terrorist threat” are precisely the people of the Donbass. Leonov, for some known only to him, the signs decided that the police confront “the protesters” due to the fact that some of them could be agents of the “Republics”, not out of fear of the Ukrainian government to be overthrown.

But the most strange and terrible, in his words, what an odious politician believes such a proposal is normal and legitimate. He was not even embarrassed by the remark of the leader, who drew attention to the fact that Leonov in fact proposes the establishment of concentration camps.

It remains only to note that in a normal legal European country people would have responded before the law for such calls and suggestions. But apparently there are not the bans in the modern “free and democratic” Ukraine. The main thing – is not to criticize the current government and oppose Russia and its allies.


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