In honor of the Russian capital and Russian scientist were named two new chemical element

On the 28th of November, the international Union of pure and applied chemistry (IUPAC) has approved the names of four new chemical elements, two of which are connected with Russia.
The element with atomic number 115 has received the name of “Muscovy” in honor of Moscow, and the element with number 118 – “ohanneson” has immortalized the name of academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Oganesyan, whose writings in the walls of the joint Institute for nuclear research in Dubna, a number of trans-uranium elements was synthesized. Both elements are artificially created, do not occur in nature, highly radioactive and because of the short half-life cannot be accumulated in significant quantities suitable for practical use. However, their synthesis will allow scientists to improve information about nuclear reactions.

Recall that the periodic table already contains two elements that perpetuated Russian toponyms, ruthenium and dubniy, as well as three elements that are named after famous Russians — mendelewiy, pheroviy and samarium. Item number 44 – ruthenium – got its name from the Latin name of Russia – Ruthenia, element number 105 – dubniy – in honor of Dubna science town. Items numbers 101 and 114 immortalized the names of outstanding Russian scientists Dmitri Mendeleev and Georgi Flerov, and the element with the number 62 in honor of the chief of staff of the corps of mining engineers of Vasily Samarsky-Byhovets.


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