Alexander Zakharchenko: Without the participation of the Donbass fate of Donbass and Ukraine will not solve

The Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic commented on the meeting of foreign Ministers in “Normandy format”.
“As expected, the meeting of foreign Ministers in “Normandy format” has not produced any results. Why? There are several reasons.

First, Kiev in itself is not going to perform Minsk agreement. It is set to war with us. It is constrained only by external factors. First of all, it is the position of Europe and especially the United States. There is now a slight panic and total confusion. Instructions to Kiev are temporarily not available, and therefore, Kiev is just “freezes” the process. What will happen? It seems to me that there are two options. Or, Kiev will resume hostilities at shift change, that is, before the inauguration of Trump, or there — in Kiev — such strict political processes begin that they will not be up to us.

The second reason is that the formats are some skewed without the participation of the Donbass in these formats. Indeed, how is it possible to negotiate issues between the two parties, if one party is not involved in a conversation? It turns out that in the “Normandy format” three countries persuaded the fourth to accept peace. It is with varying degrees of success. More precisely, it is so far without success.

There is conclusion. Without the participation of the Donbass fate of Donbass and Ukraine will not solve.”


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