Fidel Castro has become a big economic burden for the Soviet Union, which spent a lot of money in Cuba, for this reason the USA at a certain point stopped being interested in the elimination of the leader of the Cuban revolution and began to support him. About it RIA Novosti reported, citing an interview with former CIA agent Felix Rodriguez, who participated in the detention and execution of Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia.

The interview of Rodriguez at Latvian radio Baltkom sounded on Monday as part of a special broadcast, dedicated to the death of Fidel Castro.

According to the former American agent, after the revolution in Cuba, US intelligence agencies were interested in eliminating the new Cuban leader. But repeated attempts to kill the commander did not lead to the implementation of the plan.

“It was at first (the assassination attempt), but then, in my opinion, they (USA) began to support him. The fact is that Castro has become a huge economic burden for the Soviet Union. The USSR was spending a lot of money in order to keep Cuba afloat. For this reason, the US was not interested in getting rid of Fidel Castro. Of course, there were people, whom it was on hand, and there have been attempts, which, unfortunately, were not successful. I offered my candidacy for the elimination of Castro, when he was in training camp in Guatemala. I was approved, but then the plans changed and that did not happen. Anyway, the assassinations were not so much as he says, Castro. And what we can be absolutely sure of is that Fidel Castro has had a huge support by own Special Forces,” says Rodriguez.
A former CIA officer explained to the Latvian journalists why to get to the great revolutionary was a very difficult task.

“Many years ago, the now-deceased Cuban major told me that the number of personal bodyguards of Fidel Castro reached 10 thousand. First, it’s a tight ring around him. Secondly, for example, when Castro was invited to any Embassy, a special unit carried out a thorough check, and if someone has a weapon, that person is then asked to leave, otherwise Fidel will not appear. There is always his personal chef; he doesn’t eat anything from someone else’s table. So he had perhaps the best security of all the presidents of the world,” explained Rodriguez.

Of course, now representatives of the US intelligence can say anything. It is much easier to explain their inability to perform a particular task in a simple reluctance.
The words of Rodriguez are in full contrary to the historical reality in which Castro was very strong impact on the dignity and ego of the leadership of the United States. If not thoroughly thought-out system of protection of the Cuban leader and the skill with which Fidel spent all his political activities, but today the ex-agent was probably told that if the CIA and the thought that any such plan is guaranteed to be executed.

Whatever it was, but despite numerous attempts and possibilities to die, Fidel Castro has lived a long and full life. He died at 91-year life, 25 Nov 2016. And he left this world undefeated and unbroken.


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