After the last meeting of the Minister of industry of Norway Monica Meland with the Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Sergey Donskoy in Oslo they talked about the desire to resume trade and economic relations with Russia.

Monica Meland made an official statement following the meeting with the Russian Minister, which is published on the official website of the government of Norway.

“The meeting with the Minister Donskoy was constructive and positive. We are positive for the resumption of the political dialogue on trade and economic cooperation with Russia, which is already done by some EU countries.

We are committed to good neighborly relations with Russia, especially in the North where we have common border and common interests. In this context, today’s held meeting is important,” said in her message Minister Meland.

Recall that in 2014, Norway has acceded to a number of countries that are under pressure from the US administration imposed sanctions against Russia. But two years later, many European countries have not only seen ineffective attempts to economically isolate Russia, but also felt the loss in their own economy.

In addition, some political and economic experts from the EU noted that sanctions have become an instrument of struggle not only against Russia, but also created conditions for the expansion American expansion in Europe. Therefore, the leaders of some European countries are determined to change the developed situation on the international arena.


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