A chapel in memory of the fallen heroes of the militia will be built on the mound Saur-Grave

According to the decree of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko “On approval of the Passport of public interest targeted programmer “Restoration of the memorial “Saur-Grave”, in mid-November on the mound, work began on the construction of a chapel in memory of the fallen heroes of the militia. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the DPR. The chapel will be located to the North-East from the main monument of the memorial at the foot of the mound, near the graves of fallen soldiers.

Currently, the pit dug, the pillow under the foundation is made, and the next step work is on pouring the foundation. Further, according to the schedule, it will start the construction of monolithic walls, stairs, ramps, frontons, roofing, domes, internal and external facing work.
The Ministry plans to build a chapel for the May holidays. Experts claim that construction in the winter will not affect the quality.

The area of the future of the facility is 134 square meters, of which the chapel will occupy the 42 square meters. Height – 13 meters.

The foundations, stylobate part and vaults of the chapel are made of reinforced concrete walls – reinforced brick masonry. The facing of the chapel are built from granite slabs and Inkerman stone. Ramp is provided for disabled people. Roofing vaults shells, pediments, window sills and ledges — from multi-round stainless steel (0.4 mm). Windows will be from metal. Door – double leaf, metal, insulated, inside lined with oak.
Adjacent part to the chapel area will be lined with curly tiles.

Funding for the project will be implemented in stages according to the design documentation at the expense of the investor. Implementation of construction measures and the control of execution are vested in the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the DPR.

Recall that the concept of the restoration of the memorial complex provides for the continuation of the main elements of the initial conception of the stele with the sculpture of the soldier of the Soviet Army — with a harmonious addition of new functional and semantic zone connecting to a single composition of the lower and upper graves of the militia chapel and the underground halls of the Museum, which should be an exhibition of the history of the Saur-Grave from ancient times to the present day. Construction will require substantial financial resources, because the process of restoring of the memorial is divided into the queue.

Phase I — the construction of the chapel, landscaping of the adjacent territory.
II stage — the restoration of the obelisk and the monument to the Soldier of the Soviet Army.

III stage — construction of the Museum complex, the organization improvement.


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