The Poles held an unprecedented action of memory of the Soviet soldiers

The event took place in Olkusz, where 1113 soldiers of Red army were buried. Residents of the city Olkusz in southern Poland have honored the memory of Soviet soldiers by hundreds of candles and lamps. This was announced by the commander of the Commonwealth “Kursk” Ezhy Pow. “Everyone is shocked!” said the head of volunteers, restoring monuments to the Red army throughout Poland. — I’m amazed so many flowers and candles that were brought by the Poles on the day of remembrance of the departed. Never, never there were so much. Hundreds of candles and flowers…”

The video presented by Tysc, it is seen that the lamps are on each grave of Red army soldiers, but the main number of funeral lamps are focused on the pedestal a semi-circular arch, on which is written “Heroes of the Soviet army who fell in battles with the Nazi invaders for the liberation of the Olkusz land.”

“It would be nice if our government, including the President, before once again to open his mouth to insult the soldiers, calling them invaders, watched this video. And give them a report that the Polish people do not agree with their false, disgusting politics,” said the commander of “Kursk”.

The Olkusz was entered by a black page in the history of Poland. Here, in July 1940, the German fascist invaders shot 20 Polish citizens in response to the murder of a German policeman. Then the executioners took all the men (several thousand people) on the main town square and forcing everyone to lie face down on the ground with folded hands behind their back, brutally tortured and moral humiliated. Crime of the German invaders in Olkusz received in Polish historiography called “Bloody Wednesday”.

Soviet troops liberated the city Olkusz from the Nazi plague in January, 1945. 1113 Red army soldiers, 907 of whom are nameless, were interred in the Olkusz cemetery in 1948. Two years ago the volunteers of the Kursk put in the order a military cemetery.


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