Famous rock musician Alexey Poddubny (Django) at a press conference in Donetsk on November, 27 told about what he will write in the book “the War in the Donbass: the people’s chronicle”.

“One of my most stunning memories is a trip to the destroyed building of the airport where I had to fly before the war. This airport was brilliant, beautiful and world class. And now it’s solid ruins, as in Stalingrad. Next to this place there is the street Stratonavtov, we were going on it and filming. I took a picture of the swings that were hanging from a birch tree. The birch was near the gate, which was completely riddled with shrapnel from the mines, with ragged holes. When you go out to the city center, perhaps it gets seven minutes. In fact, the city is on the front line. This feeling is enormous. I was impressed and impressive attitude of civilians to war. Residents here are the same rock as the people with arms. They are defending their Homeland and used to attacks. The Donbass and Novorossia is the power of the spirit. I’m glad I was here since the beginning of 2015,” said Poddubny.

Alexey Poddubny told reporters that he constantly urges public of people living in a quiet Moscow and seeing the war on TV, to come to the Donbass.

“I talked with many and encouraged them to come here even without concerts and performances. I told them: “Just come and meet people. Feel this atmosphere. Understand what’s going on here”.

We will remind that at the initiative of the Ministry of culture of the DPR and with the support of the Head of state Alexander Zakharchenko, the Republic launched a cultural and educational project “The War in the Donbass: the people’s chronicle”. The project involves the collection of memories of the residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic about their experiences on the background of military action 2014-2016. In addition to the memoirs of Alexei Poddubny in the ” People’s chronicle” will include memories of our countryman, people’s artist of the USSR, Russia and the DPR Joseph Kobzon, the world famous pianist Valentina Lisitsa, rock musicians Yulia Chicherina and Vadim Samoylov, Russian writers Zakhar Prilepin and Sergey Shargunov, an Opera singer Vladimir Burov, people’s artist of Russia, Director of the state academic chamber “Vivaldi-orchestra” Svetlana Bezrodnaya.

Natalia Chayko


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