GOD is against: “Eurovision” in Ukraine can be canceled

The contest “Eurovision” in Kiev is in jeopardy. This time Ukraine blames not Russia (edit: did not expect), but GOD!

The Pope was interested in the buildings around the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Nikolskaya Slobodka, which is adjacent to the exhibition centre, where it is planned to conduct the European coven. If the conflict between the Church and the developer will not be resolved until December, they will not have time to prepare the site for the competition.
The Church is not satisfied with close the site to its building. The Vatican has defended the interests of their people in Kiev.

“Once the Vatican began to ask questions, the Church has become more active manner.  The local community is suing with developers, and the Church was in the side. And in the last six months, after a trip to the Vatican, two representatives of the Church also go to the court and signatures were collected against the building,” said one of the activists Elena Medvedenko.
The Deputy of the Kiev Council Oleg Petrovec said that the conflict between the developer and the Church is really not solved.

“I want to note that the situation is very complex because on the one hand we have the interests of a group of local residents, who don’t want construction, but on the other – the interests of the same people, who have invested money in the construction,” said the Deputy.

The adviser to mayor of Kiev Dmitry Belotserkovets said that if the dispute cannot be resolved amicably — holding of “Eurovision” in Kiev will be under a real threat, and litigation concerning the legality of construction may drag on for another five years.

“Time to find a compromise between stakeholders remained until December. If it is possible – it is a difficult question. But the arrangement of the area around the International Exhibition Centre is a critical issue to host Eurovision,” says Belotserkovets.


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