To return a flourishing and prosperous Europe

The European Union was conceived as Union of European countries for the prosperity and development of the basis of already existing European Economic Community. In 1992 was signed the Maastricht Treaty establishing the European Union. Since then our European Union includes 16 countries of Eastern, Northern and southern Europe, former socialist block, whose economy was shattered and needed investments and attachments. Only for the period from 1992 to 2004 on the needs of the new candidate countries of the European Union, acceding in 2004, were allocated 19 billion EUR. Only one Poland was written off 75 billion USD debts. Also since 2004, these countries allocated more than 15 billion EUR on development. New country demanded and requires investments in infrastructure, economy and social needs, and the benefits are for the countries of old Western Europe is questionable. Except that they are suitable as suppliers of economic migrants and they aggravate the situation in the labor market. It was fine when the economy grew and income grew, but now, in times of economic crisis, can no longer be expenditures without awareness of their necessity. In addition, the influx of refugees from the Middle East exacerbates the financial condition of EU countries, as refugees need food, clothing, employment and housing. Now still do not understand the scale of the refugee crisis, the budgets of countries receiving the bulk of their mass (Germany and Austria) bursting at the seams due to planned expenditures on them.

Some ideologues of expansion of the European Union to the east came up with the program “Eastern partnership” for the countries of the former USSR, which won’t be included in the EU either now or in the foreseeable future. It was assumed that these countries will gradually adopt the laws and regulations of the European Union. But instead of implementing the laws and regulations of EU in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is making an imitation of this process, but these countries have long understood that the cooperation within the framework of “Eastern Partnership” gives them an excuse to demand money of the European Union on their needs and on the costs (including the cost of corruption among government officials of these countries), that these countries are shamelessly doing. The effect of the trade of EU countries with the Eastern partnership countries does not cover those costs, which the EU has in relation to these countries and their domestic market is very small for us. Now even the European Union financed Ukraine to purchase of gas for the winter period in the amount of 500 million EUR. Do you know why the USSR collapsed? Including because he financed half of Africa and half of Asia instead own needs. Now, during the refugee crisis and the global crisis, all EU costs, especially not for members of the European Union, should be reduced to a minimum, as well as the possibility of third countries to demand from the EU funds under the guise of a dubious program “Eastern Partnership”. Now, when our territory there is a massive flow of refugees who will take our jobs and reduce our revenues, we must say clearly that a prosperous Europe is impossible without closed external borders against immigrants and the EU should not to sponsor not qualified authorities in the countries of the “Eastern partnership”, which are not EU members. If the authorities of these countries cannot cope with their duties and they do not have income, then it is their problem, not the problem of the EU.

Thus, to maintain a prosperous Europe and its values, we need to prevent the large amounts of migrants with alien values and do not to allocate money to countries that are not members of the EU. EU should follow its own interests and do not follow blindly the USA policy. Otherwise we risk not knowing our Europe in 10-15 years.

Cristian Reiner


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